Edwin Arrieta’s family explodes and announces strategy to defend the doctor’s dignity

Due to the crime of Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta in Thailand, the family is armed with lawyers to face the upcoming judicial processes against the confessed murderer Daniel Sancho. Furthermore, due to the complaints and stories about the surgeon’s private life that have been spread in certain media, those close to him announced harsh actions to ensure his good name.

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Arrieta, born in Córdoba, was murdered on the Thai island of Koh Phangan in early August after seeing Daniel Sancho, prior to the Full Moon festivities, very popular in that country.

Since August 7, the son of actors Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo has been in jail. Daniel Sancho confessed to the Police that he had dismembered the Colombian. Accused of premeditated murder, he awaits a trial that could come in 2024.

Edwin Arrieta’s family got tired and announced strong measures

Daniel Sancho and Edwin Arrieta.


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Throughout these weeks, stories of Arrieta’s intimate life have appeared in the Spanish media and even a man stated on television that the doctor had supposedly harassed him years ago.

(Also: There is already a trial date for Daniel Sancho for ‘unknown investigation’: they ask for jail time).

For this information, Darling Arrieta, sister of the deceased doctor, traveled to Spain and wanted to make it clear in an interview that the focus of the case was diverting: “They have put us, my brother and my family, on the ground, they have said that Edwin had Daniel kidnapped, or that ours is a family of drug traffickers.”

The family has felt devastated and helpless

Taking advantage of your trip, The woman held meetings with the new team she hired to ensure her brother’s good name in Spain: the Ospina Abogados firm.

Darling Arrieta, sister of Edwin Arrieta.

Darling Arrieta, sister of Edwin Arrieta.


EFE/ Sandra Márquez

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Juan Gonzalo Ospina, now representative of the family, assured that those close to the doctor have felt “dissatisfied” by “the treatment of some Spanish media.”

“It has been the main trigger why they have made that decision. The family has felt desolate and helpless and they have felt abandoned by some media,” he stressed on the network. TVE.

The family’s intention is that Arrieta’s name is respected and his death is not “relativized” or “banalized.” “And that a message can be sent to public opinion that the events have been fateful, tragic, very sad and that we are facing a vile murder,” she added to the aforementioned channel.

In that sense, The lawyer warned that they will be aware to demand the pertinent rectifications when they believe that there is an attack against the honor and privacy of the Colombian.

Why did doctor Edwin Arrieta take 80 thousand dollars to Thailand?  Sister clarifies

(Also: Daniel Sancho is not a chef nor does he have restaurants: his true profession comes to light).

The Spanish firm joins the work that lawyer Adriana Behaine Pacheco does from Colombia. Now, they are specifying who will represent them in Thailand, where Sancho will be tried.

What is coming in the Daniel Sancho and Edwin Arrieta case?

Next October 28 marks the deadline for the Thai Police to deliver the investigation report to the Prosecutor’s Office.in which it includes videos, images, chats, witnesses and other evidence—in addition to the young man’s confession—that compromises Sancho.

Once the report is in the hands of the prosecutor, he will review it and may include other evidence before asking the judge to start the hearings.

Doctor Arrieta died with his throat slit, autopsy reveals the crime at the hands of Daniel Sancho

Edwin Arrieta and Daniel Sancho.

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In Thailand, Sancho does not have a lawyersince professional Kunh Anan resigned after feeling “fed up” with the pressure, as he told Spanish media.

Sancho’s family hired Marcos García Montes, a media lawyer, in Spain. He is known for having defended Bruno Hernández, the ‘dismemberer of Majadahonda’, sentenced to 27 years for murdering his aunt and another woman.

Lawyer García announced that he is working to have representation in Thailand and define the legal strategy.

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