Edmundo Bal loses the Ciudadanos primaries against the Arrimadas list

Edmundo Bal has not managed to surprise in the Ciudadanos primaries. The affiliates have chosen Patricia Guasp and Adrián Vázquez to lead the party. With 53.25% support, compared to 39.34% obtained by Ciudadanos de Nuevo’, Bal’s list, and 7.41% who have supported the third candidacy, ‘La Base del Cambio’. Less than half of the affiliates with the right to vote have participated.

In this way, Adrián Vázquez becomes the general secretary of Ciudadanos and Patricia Guasp the political leader. A two-headed model that the party has yet to ratify in the Assembly to be held this weekend.

In this primarais process that has been open for two days, 7,642 affiliates were called to vote, but only 49.65% of them. That is to say, barely more than 3,700 people. In the last primaries held by the orange party, in 2020, Arrimadas won Francisca Igea by 76.91% of the votes among 20,713 affiliates who participated then. The decline of the party is evident.

Even so, the result of this tough internal process is undoubtedly a victory for Inés Arrimadas, who closes the winning bid that also includes the name of Begoña Villacís. Vázquez and Guasp have promised throughout the campaign to keep Arrimadas as spokesperson in Congress, so that from now on she will cease to be president of Ciudadanos will retain focus and media prominence.

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