Ecuador prepares for an election day marked by the murder of Villavicencio

Ecuadorians are preparing to celebrate this Sunday the first round of presidential elections that will seek the successor of the current president William Lassoin an environment marked by the violence of criminal gangs and the fear of the population for possible attacks during election day.

Much of the attention is focused on the security measures that the government is preparing so that the 13.4 million Ecuadorian voters can calmly go to the polling stations.

the murder of Fernando Villavicencio Wednesday, August 9, has made it clear that the main concern of Ecuadorians is insecurity and the need to find a new president who finds the appropriate strategies to fight organized crime and the hit men that Villavicencio denounced so many times in his rallies Campaign.

The challenge for Lasso’s successor is enormous since criminal gangs have been the protagonists of a campaign that has left several attacks on different candidates. In fact, last Thursday, a shooting without victims took place during one of the closing ceremonies for the candidate Daniel Noboa, an event described as an attack by his campaign team, despite the fact that the Government ruled out that it was an attack against the candidate.

Election day will take place in full state of emergency decreed by the Government for 60 days throughout the country, with a deployment of the Armed Forces that will support some 60,000 police officers to maintain internal order.

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