Ecuador files the investigation against President Guillermo Lasso for the ‘Pandora papers’


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The Comptroller of Ecuador has archived the investigation to the president of the country this Tuesday, Guillermo Lasso, for its appearance in pandora papers, which related him to companies in tax havens.

It justifies this decision by alleging that “it has not found objective elements that demonstrate that, on the dates of registration of the President’s candidacy, and of possession of said position, he was the direct or indirect owner of property or capital” in tax havens.

This Wednesday, Lasso stated that will not come to give explanations before the National Assembly despite an approved motion. Instead, it will send a report drawn up by the Comptroller General that exempts it from any suspicion, according to the Efe Agency.

“It is not necessary for me to attend” the Assembly, as requested. “I will send a letter with the report from the Controller, which is forceful and clear,” he said in the interview from the Presidency.

The journalistic work that gave rise to the pandora papers They linked the Ecuadorian president with companies in tax havens. Public exclusively revealed that Lasso’s son bought a luxury yacht with a ghost company months before the pandora papers.

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