Dubljevic is not enough in Munich

Dubljevic is not enough in Munich

Valencia does not take advantage of another great game from its captain and loses the option of bringing the ‘Top 8’ closer

MADRID, Dec. 15 (.) –

Valencia Basket fell (97-92) this Thursday against Bayern Munich on matchday 14 of the Euroleague held at the Audi Dome, a match that appeared as feasible on the ‘taronja’ agenda but could not add to their list of triumphs , losing steam in search of the ‘Top 8’ after starting the week by beating Panathinaikos.

Álex Mumbrú’s men had a significant rebounding deficit, lost balls at a bad time and found no solutions other than Bojan Dubljevic. The Valencia captain, who came with the MVP vitola of matchday 13 this week, once again looked at a high level with 28 points that were not enough.

The Montenegrin started off like a shot in the first quarter, but already in the second, the visiting jam began to miss him. Valencia did not close the rebound in their hoop but managed to make up a bad second quarter (43-39), where Gillespie, Hunter and Bonga prevailed. Without the injured Jones, Harper again had to take on a lot of the GM role, with some Prepelic.

The resumption brought the ‘taronja’ version that the game requested, but a rhythm that he was not able to maintain. Harper put some good plays on the German floor, but the losses and again the rebound gave Bayern many extra options that kept the rent. In the last quarter, the local stiletto was Walden.

The former Red Star player led a final stretch of many points based on triples, which Valencia responded with Dubljevic but not with defense. The captain did not end the game on the field with a blow in the last plays and Bayern, in their irregular march, was able to get their fifth win. Those of Mumbrú are left with six.


–RESULT: BAYERN MUNICH, 97 – VALENCIA BASKETBALL, 92. (43-39, at halftime).


BAYERN MUNICH: Weiler-Wabb (8), Obst (10), Harris (6), Bonga (14) and Hunter (13) –starting five–; Winston (6), Giffey (8), Jamaraz (6), Gillespie (4), Walden (18), Zipser (4).

VALENCIA BASKET: Harper (15), Prepelic (6), Pradilla (7), Alexander (11) and Rivero (9) –starting five–; López-Arostegui (3), Puerto (3), Webb III (5), Dubljevic (28), Ferrando (1), Claver (2) Radebaugh (2).

–PARTIALS: 23-26, 20-15, 26-26, 28-27.

–REFEREES: Javor, Mogulkoc and Udyanskyy. Fouled out Harper.

–HALL: Audi Dome.

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