Dozens of people gather at the Embassy of Argentina in Spain in support of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

dozens of people have gone to the Embassy of Argentina in Spain, located in Madrid, to show their rejection of the attack against the Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and demonstrate in favor of democracy. Members of the Spanish left have also appeared in solidarity with the Argentine people and their vice president.

The Argentine ambassador, Ricardo Alfonsín, thanked the attendees who showed “their solidarity” and “their concern” for the “attempted assassination” suffered by the vice president.

Members of the Spanish left have come to the demonstration as a sign of support. Among them, the secretary of the Organization of Podemos, Lilith Verstrynge, the general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, the deputy of Más Madrid Manuela Bergerot and the deputy and general secretary of Podemos in Galicia, Antón Gómez-Reino.

The secretary of Podemos Organization, Lilith Verstrynge, sees this “assassination attempt” as “a clear message of political violence and hate speech generated for the political harassment supported by media sectors”. “In the face of dictatorship and state terrorism, democracy must be defended,” he added.

Gómez-Reino showed his particular solidarity and on behalf of the Galician people and took the opportunity to recall that attached to this incident, the brother of the Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, was attacked in the middle of the street. “We have seen cases of lawfare throughout Latin America. We have seen it in Bolivia, in Ecuador and we are seeing it in Argentina “, she has sentenced.

The deputy of More Madrid has been moved by the images of the demonstrations in Argentina. “There is only one right place in history to be today,” she has said, paraphrasing the Grandmothers of May, “and that is on the side of support for democracy,” she added.

The general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, has described the attack as “a great sadness for democracy throughout the world” and “certifies that the right does not recognize democracy.” “The right only accepts democracy when they govern, and if not, delegitimize by all kinds of means and impede the normal institutional development and the progress of societies”, he added.

He has also warned that the assassination attempt on Vice President “it had been clearly announced” and has pointed to the “direct participation of judges who have been anything but impartial.” “Let’s not fool ourselves, he has not been unbalanced. He has been a character with a clear political link with the Brazilian extreme right” and who “had already made serious threats”, he pointed out about the author of the attack.

The attacker “was an instrument of the extreme right”

Enrique Borcel, president of the Frente de Todos in Madrid, the formation that organized the event, has shown his “repudiation” of the attack and has indicated that although “the instrument” (referring to the attacker of the vice president), “He was a marginal, he was also “an instrument of the Argentine right and extreme right”.

He accuses these groups, supported by some media outlets, of fueling hate speech. He has given the example that a few days ago “they held a demonstration in the Plaza de Mayo where They put up a guillotine and asked for the execution of Cristina Kirchner”. It has also directly targeted the previous government, led by Mauricio Macri, for his appointments in matters of justice and his economic decisions.

That society “take advantage of this episode to reflect”

The Argentine ambassador to Spain, Ricardo Alfonsín, hopes that society “takes advantage of this episode to reflect on the fact that the demonization of the adversary sooner or later it ends up producing violence”. “Many of us warned about how verbal violence was deepening in Argentina and the consequences that this could have.”

Alfonsín hopes that “everyone who has the power to influence society or its mood take more responsibility” and “raise the level of debate”. For the ambassador, the attack has been “a very hard blow to democracy.” For this reason, he has asked that society be more demanding with democracy and politicians. He believes that the episode and the social demonstrations in Argentina and abroad are going to have a positive impact “against the uncivilized behavior of those politicians who believe that anything goes in politics.”


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