Discover the five most obedient and easy-to-train dog breeds, according to experts

If you have had a pet since it was a puppy, you have surely had difficult moments in its training. Not all dogs act in the same way and not all of them find it easy, in the first instance, to follow orders from their owners.

This is because the breed of furry dogs influences their ability to understand and respond easily to different instructions. If you have a German Shepherd, you will surely confirm what the experts say.

From simple tricks such as: giving the paw, sitting when receiving food, to becoming assistance dogs, this is what certain breeds of dogs can achieve. It is common to see Labradors and Golden Retrievers being guides for people with visual disabilities, because they are calm and sociable.

Top five of the most obedient dog breeds

According to data from the American Kennel Club (AKC), 200 known breeds are the most obedient, however, through the Study Finds page, they synthesized these results with the opinion of several experts and revealed which are the best dog breeds for the training.

  • Golden Retriever: “Golden Retrievers have long been one of the most popular dog breeds of all time, and this is largely due to their high intelligence. “They are very easy to train in both basic obedience and special skills,” stated The Goody Pet.
This breed of dog is very loyal, sociable and intelligent.
  • Labrador Retriever: “They were bred to help with duck hunting and still retain those loyal and active characteristics. “They enjoy being active and doing tricks for their humans, like swimming to retrieve toys!”PetLabCo noted.
  • Border Collie: In an investigation by Top Dog Tips it was determined that: ”Border Collie skills include problem solving and quickly adopting tricks and commands. “They are known to understand a command after an average of just 5 repetitions and obey it with up to 95% accuracy.”
  • German shepherd: “It’s no surprise that the German Shepherd is the top choice for police, military, guide dogs, and other service requirements. “His high intelligence, stable temperament, and absolute loyalty make this breed easy to train and determined to learn,” Nylabone contributed.
If you have a German Shepherd you will confirm how intelligent they are when receiving commands.
  • Standard Poodle: And with the opinion of Pet Insurance Review, he mentioned: ”underneath that curly coat is a very athletic dog. And speaking of fur, the poodle’s coat is hypoallergenic, so people with allergies looking for a highly trainable dog have found their perfect match,” exclaims Pet Insurance Review.

Without a doubt, having the company of a pet will brighten the family’s day. And when we decide it’s time for them to learn certain tricks, they definitely become the most fun moments we can share with them.

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