Discord will blur sensitive content received through direct messages on teen profiles

MADRID, Oct. 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Discord has announced new security features, with initiatives such as security alerts on unknown senders for teenagers and automatic filters for sensitive content received through direct messages.

The company seeks offer “a safer experience” to its users, which is why it has launched an initiative called Help for adolescent safety, which includes features with which it hopes to protect the experience of minors on this platform.

Specifically, it has announced that “in the coming weeks” it will begin to deploy these functionalities and that they will be activated by default in accounts or profiles owned by teenage users.

One of these measures is related to security alerts on senders. Discord will detect if it is an unknown user and encourage the recipient to contact you again. check if you want to respond.

Likewise, the platform will provide links to block the user, as well as security tips to protect themselves if the teenager considers it necessary, as the company has stated on its blog.

On the other hand, Discord has announced the launch of sensitive content filters. This means that it will automatically blur images received through direct messages – both individual and group – and on servers that you consider harmful.

“The blurring means a step to encourage teenagers to be cautious when viewing the content,” said the firm, which has also announced that this function will be available to all users.

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