Discord presents the Linked Roles with which profiles with external accounts can be authenticated

New Linked Roles feature. -DISCORD

MADRID, Dec. 13 (Portaltic/EP) –

discord will launch in the coming weeks Linked Roles functionwith which users can authenticate their profiles through external accounts to the platform such as eBay, Twitter, Steam or Reddit, creating official connections and obtaining roles that fall into categories such as games, social networks or art.

The instant messaging platform will implement this function in order to develop its connections with other platforms and improve the Discord user and developer experienceit is also a function that will help the communities saferas explained in a statement.

With Linked Roles, Discord tries to prove the identity of the profile, through the linking of external accounts, in order to obtain roles that allow access to certain special channels framed in specific categories.

For link the accounts they have to choose the platforms and social networks available through the tab Add connection. Once chosen, the user will have to log in to confirm that the accounts are theirs.

Once the accounts are linked, roles are granted by channel admins and moderators, allowing the user to be part of that community. Nevertheless, in order to protect the privacy of usersthe information of the connected accounts can be checked without being seen by the community administrators, that is, the connection is checked automatically with reputable accounts.

However, the The user will be able to choose to show the official connections that they have linked in their profile. In addition, you can also choose whether to show data such as the number of followers or if it is a highly valued seller. In this way, the user can make their activities known, offering confidence to the rest of the profiles with which they interact.

In this sense, this Linked Roles function adds a safety factor to Discord. For example, if it is a profile that belongs to a business, this function Reinforces that it is truly the seller and not a fraud; it is intended to nurture Discord users, such as a highly-rated eBay seller or an artist selling their work through the DeviantArt website.

Likewise, it also works for video game players, showing their achievements and proving that they are a level player; for athletes, who can share their brands and experiences; or even finance experts, as Discord claims.

“You will know that the channel you just joined is full of like-minded people who have also linked an external account or a payment method such as PayPal, so you can feel more confident in its legitimacy,” the platform explained.

On the other hand, to create a Linked Role in the case of moderator or administrator users, the procedure is similar to roles that might already be configured on servers. In the ‘Server Settings’ tabyou have to click on ‘Roles’ andafter, ‘Create Role’. On the screen that is displayed, you will have to select the ‘Linking’ tab, where you can specify which connected accounts are necessary to grant the role.


Discord has also included a verification form for the applications with which the account is linked. It is a green tick mark that appears next to the connections shown in the profile. Thus, the platform intends to show if the Linked Role is based on a verified application or an unverified one.

In the same way, he has created a ‘officer’ badge. It will indicate that the App comes from a verified developer and, therefore, establishes the level of trust between the applications of the partner developers and the users who interact with those applications.

Discord has indicated that for start there will be 22 apps branded ‘official’and that for next year other applications will be evaluated to obtain this badge.

With all this, Discord has Developers are encouraged to build or update their apps to support this new feature. So that they can include their applications in these communities and increase the trust within their server. To do this, the platform will make its new Connections API available with a practical guide to get started.

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