Did citizen Carlos Salazar disappear while recording Alex Saab?

The case of engineer Carlos Salazar Larez constitutes the second forced detention in February, the other case is that of the Human Rights defender and military information specialist Rocío San Miguel and five members of her family. Salazar had recorded Alex Saab entering a store on the island of Margarita and then published the video on social networks

Information about the alleged forced disappearance of engineer Carlos Salazar Larez, who days ago recorded Alex Saab entering a store on the island of Margarita, is circulating in some media and on WhatsApp. The forced disappearance of Salazar is true, as confirmed to It’sStrawrelatives of the until now missing person.

In the video that unleashed the anger of the authorities, Salazar shows indignation at the presence of the former prisoner, accused of money laundering in the United States, an ally of the ruler Nicolás Maduro and now the new president of the International Center for Productive Investments (CIIP).

«He’s there with the little guy, talking on the phone. How horny! How great it is here in Margarita, that miscreant (unintelligible) how crazy that mamahuevo is. Look at Alex Saab, the thug, who is walking in there with the shit, talking on the phone. what a turn on!!! says the audio of the video, supposedly the voice of Carlos Salazar.

It’sStraw spoke with Andrea Castellanos Salazar, niece of the engineer Carlos Salazar who confirmed that his uncle has been missing since Monday, February 5. According to her niece, who is out of the country, they had the information thanks to a witness who accompanied her uncle at the time of the arrest.

The incident occurred in Punta de Piedra on Los Modules Street, Margarita Island, Nueva Esparta state, when Salazar went to make purchases and change money. There he was intercepted by a group of men dressed in black, according to the witness, who by the way also took his cell phone, but did not arrest him. While the process was taking place, the people who took Carlos Salazar They said that the reason for the arrest was the publication of the video of Alex Saab in a Shopping Center in Margarita that he had recorded.

Carlos Salazar, a former worker at Petróleos de Venezuela SA (Pdvsa), is not the only person missing so far in February. Last Friday, 9 state security forces detained human rights activist and military information specialist Rocío San Miguel and her daughter when they were preparing to leave the country. Until the time of writing the note, San Miguel was missing, accused by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, of participating in a civil-military conspiracy to liquidate President Nicolás Maduro, called “White Bracelet.”

In both the case of Salazar and San Miguel y Familia, the characteristics of a forced disappearance are met, which in some cases constitutes a crime against humanity. Salazar Larez’s family opened an Instagram account to provide information about the case. At the time of writing this note, the engineer’s whereabouts were still unknown. His relatives have filed a complaint with the CICPC and with the headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office in Margarita.

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