Decisive week for journalist Pablo González imprisoned in Poland

Pablo González has spent more than 70 days behind bars in a Polish prison accused of espionage. A few days after his arrest, the regional court of Rzeszów decreed a provisional prison sentence for the journalist until May 29, but the prosecutor in the case could request an extension. Sources familiar with the case inform Public about what the Polish prosecutor’s office would have until next Monday to register that request for an extension. If this did not occur, everything indicates that the Spanish journalist would be released from prison at the end of the month. “Up to 14 days before the date of the end of the provisional prison, the prosecutor of the case can request an extension to the court”, assure these sources.

Therefore, in the next few days it could be known if Pablo González will be released from prison on May 29 or if a hearing has to be held to decide on his stay in prison. Unlike the first time that Pablo González appeared before the Polish justice, without a lawyer, this time he did has a lawyer. The defense of him is in charge of the Polish Bartosz Rogala, as already reported Public.

In addition, Pablo González already not completely incommunicado. He still cannot freely contact whoever he wants, but according to Rogala, the journalist you can contact your lawyer by phone and they are maintaining continuous contact. “We speak every day or every two days”, has assured the lawyer who has also indicated to Public that González is in good health and physically.

On the other hand, Rogala has also commented on the work of the Spanish consul in Warsaw. Eduardo Merino de Mena, according to the lawyer, is being great help in the case of Pablo González and is worrying about the journalist.

No communication with your family

Oihana Goiriena, the wife and mother of Pablo González’s children, has gone to the Parliament of Navarra accompanied by the journalist’s lawyer in Spain, Gonzalo Boye.

Goiriena has highlighted that He hasn’t spoken to Pablo González for almost three months and that there is no contact with their children either. In addition, he recalled that the only two occasions on which he has been able to send messages to the reporter have been through the Spanish consul: “Through him I send him messages, but of course he has only visited him twice. So only twice has heard from us.”

He has also explained that they sent letters to Pablo González but they did not reach him. “We know that our letters are not sent to him, that is to say that the isolation is practically total”, she has indicated.

In prison since February 28

On February 28, journalist Pablo González was arrested in the Polish town of Przemyśl, just 13 kilometers by road from the border with Ukraine. After the Polish secret services arrested him and charged him with espionageentered the Rzeswów prison.

The authorities accused the Spanish journalist of espionage contained in article 130.1 of the Polish Criminal Code and is punishable by up to ten years in prison. However, he did not disclose any evidence of this.

At the beginning of April, the journalist was transferred to the Radom city jail, a town located about 100 kilometers from Warsaw. Until then, Pablo González had been held incommunicado, with the sole exception of visits from the Spanish consul at the Embassy in Warsaw, and he did not have a lawyer of his choice in Poland.


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