Deadly attacks in Canada: the last suspect arrested

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Myles Sanderson, the last of two suspects wanted in the stabbing attacks that killed 10 people in Canada on Sunday, was taken into custody on Wednesday, police said. It’s the end of a manhunt that lasted more than three days.

The latest suspect in the attacks that left ten people dead and 18 injured on Sunday in a community in central Canada was arrested on Wednesday, September 7, police said, ending more than three days of hunting.

“Myles Sanderson was located and taken into custody near Rosthern, Saskatchewan at approximately 3:30 p.m.” (2130 GMT), provincial police said on their Facebook account. “There is no longer a risk to public safety linked to this investigation”, she added, taking the opportunity to thank the inhabitants who provided “relevant information”.

The police had been tracking since Sunday in the center-west of the country Myles Sanderson, 32, suspected of being responsible, with his brother Damien, for one of the deadliest attacks in recent years in the country.

Known to the police and the justice system for multiple acts of violence, thefts, Myles Sanderson was already wanted since last May for not having respected his judicial control.

His brother, the second suspect, found dead

Monday, the body of his brother Damien Sanderson, suspected of being his accomplice, was found, larded with several stab wounds near the scene of the crimes. The circumstances of his death remain to be clarified, but he could have been killed by his brother, according to the police.

“As we do not know where he is, we ask the population to take the necessary precautions,” repeated the police tirelessly, who had extended the search area to the entire province of Saskatchewan, a vast rural territory made up of huge meadows.

On Wednesday, authorities revealed the identities of those killed, nine out of 10 of whom are from the community of James Smith Cree Nation, the last from the nearby village of Weldon. They are men and women between the ages of 23 and 78. Among the injured, there is a “young teenager” and seventeen adults, added the federal police.


Before the suspect’s arrest was announced, and for the first time since Sunday, some families spoke publicly to tell their “nightmare”.

“It’s a difficult time for our families,” Mark Arcand told the press, referring to “horrible and senseless acts”. His sister Bonnie Burns, 48, and his nephew Gregory Burns, 28, are among the victims. “Bonnie always put others before her,” he said, very moved. “She went out of her way to provide for her family. Her home was filled with love and attention.”

Mark Arcand also wondered about the course of the attacks. “How did this happen? Why did this happen? We don’t really know what happened. We don’t have any answers.”

So far, the relatives had chosen to express themselves almost exclusively on social networks, asking the media to stay away from their community which numbers only 3,400 people.

Ten patients still hospitalized

“I lost a lot of my family members, there were bodies all over the ground, some dead and several others with serious stab wounds and bleeding,” Michael Brett Burns wrote on Facebook. “It was a war zone. In their eyes you could see the pain and suffering of those who were assaulted,” he added.

In another post, Dillon Burns said his mother Gloria died “protecting a young man as he was attacked”, adding that “she would have done the same for all of us… (even ) for the man who took his life”.

According to the police, some victims were targeted while others were randomly beaten. Ten patients were still hospitalized and three remained in critical condition, according to health authorities.

In Canada, aboriginal people represent approximately 5% of the 38 million inhabitants, and live in communities often ravaged by unemployment and poverty. They are also more often victims of homicide.

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