De la Fuente: “The Spanish football model is non-negotiable, but there will be nuances”

“I don’t want there to be 48 million selectors but 48 million players, the ceiling is to win everything,” he said in his official presentation

LAS ROZAS (MADRID), Dec. 12 (.) –

The coach Luis de la Fuente stated that the Spanish football model is “non-negotiable”, but that it will incorporate “nuances” because the game “has evolved” in the official presentation as the new national coach until the 2024 Euro Cup at the Ciudad del Fútbol in the RFEF in Las Rozas (Madrid).

“A new stage begins and all the players are likely to be selectable, all have the doors open. We have some principles, an idea formed. There will be changes, but there is one thing that is non-negotiable which is a model, I try to incorporate nuances interpreting the evolution of football. We are not closed to anything”, said De la Fuente, who was accompanied by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and the director of the national team, Albert Luque.

De la Fuente declared himself “a defender of talent”, but who does not like to “restrict the virtues of the footballer”. “We will hear a lot about the word ‘team.’ , he stated.

Luis de la Fuente will have a coaching staff made up of Pablo Amo, as assistant coach; Juanjo González, assistant technician; Carlos Cruz, physical trainer; Migue Ángel Spain, goalkeeper coach; Pablo Peña as analysis coordinator and psychologist Javier López Vallejo.

Luis Rubiales reported that the choice of De la Fuente, whose contract will come into force on January 1, 2023, was approved this Monday by the RFEF Board of Directors “unanimously” until 2024 “and hopefully for much longer” .

“We witnessed a new project, but also a change in the structure of the men’s team. On Thursday we told Luis Enrique that we were going to start a new project in terms of affection, recognition and admiration for the work done,” explained Luis Rubiales .

The president of the RFEF denied that the decision not to have Luis Enrique, with whom he has a “magnificent relationship”, had extra-sporting reasons in mind. “A new project had to be started and the project had to be led by Luis de la Fuente,” he said.

Rubiales explained that Albert Luque “will not” replace Juan Francisco Molina as sports director of the RFEF but will be the director of the team, a newly minted position in the new structure of the federation after the non-continuity of Luis Enrique and Molina after the World Cup in Qatar.

For his part, the former international Albert Luque said that he trusts De la Fuente, the “captain of the ship”, “one hundred percent” and assured that the new national coach of ‘la Roja’ is going to show that “he is one hundred percent capable for one hundrerd”.

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