Daniel Noboa will send foreign prisoners to their countries of origin as part of the Phoenix Plan

After his meeting with the cabinet of securitythe president of the Republic, Daniel Noboa, indicated that as part of the Fénix Plan, it will send all prisoners deprived of liberty to their countries. This will reduce the overcrowding in which prisoners have been found for several years, as well as public spending.

Noboa said that this measure will be applied to prisoners serving sentences for serious crimes of more than five years.

“They are going to be taken out of the country, this is a country of peace. Everyone who wants to come and visit is invited. There are even people who want to come with all the desire to work and do things well, but anyone who wants to do things wrong leaves,” Noboa added.

The group that the president referred to includes around 1,500 people of Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian nationality, mostly. He indicated that the Foreign Ministry has already had approaches with its counterparts to coordinate actions that allow them to serve their sentences in their respective countries.

However, there will be a census for confirm how many foreign prisoners exist in the country and how many of them meet the conditions to be sent to their nation of origin.

The prison construction It is also part of the Fénix Plan offered by Noboa. He had advanced the creation of prisons barge for the most dangerous prisoners.

This December 15, he assured that it was a “temporary option“, until the prison is built maximum security and super maximum security. Its construction would begin in February 2024according to their projections, and will be located in isolated areas of the country.

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