Cristina Fernández reappears publicly to defend Sergio Massa and criticize the IMF

The public reappearance of the Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernandezafter two months of silence, left this Saturday a defense of the official candidate, Sergio Massacriticism of the opposition and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an “I already said it” in reference to the results of the primary elections in the country.

For almost an hour and a half and before an audience with 400 guestsamong whom were members of the current Executive, such as the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedroor that of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisthe former president (2007-2015) did not mention the recent decision of Justice to reopen two cases against him.

Fernández was ironic about the comments about his absence post-election opinions or her support or not for the official candidate – with whom she was in conflict years ago – and recalled that she was “one of the promoters of there being no PASO” in the official coalition Union for the Homeland (whose name replaces that of the ruling Frente de Todos).

However, on August 13, Massa competed in primaries with the social leader Juan Graboiswho opposed the designation of the Minister of Economy as the sole official candidate, eliminating the duel between From Peter and the current ambassador of Argentina in Brazil, Daniel Scioli.

Support for Sergio Massa

“Now I ask all those who promoted that the president (Alberto Fernandez) was on one side and the vice president was on another, in a frame of more than 100 inflation points“How much would La Libertad Avanza have gotten?” he said.

The vice president did not miss the opportunity to support Massaby “acknowledging” that he told “the truth to society about the IMF.”

“Every Argentinian man and woman should know that the prices they were up it was for the devaluation imposed by the IMF,” said Fernández, who added that the organization establishes “inconsistent plans for the well-being of Argentina.”

Fernández threw several darts, although without mentioning them by name, against the candidates of Freedom Advances (far right), Javier Mileiand of Together for Change (center right), Patricia Bullrich.

Playing with the terminology used by the libertarian leader, who speaks of the political class – ruling and opposition – as “breed“, the vice president referred to the “caste of economists”, who had a “fundamental role in the neoliberal model” installed in Argentina for decades.

The results of the STEP

Part of Peronism is convinced that his intervention will serve to capture votes in favor of Sergio Massa

Claimed by a part of the militancy of the peronism ruler, Fernández has not actively participated in the electoral campaign for the October 22 elections and was absent from the spotlight since last July 17, when he participated in an event with Massa.

This request is due to the conviction of a part of Peronism that his intervention will capture votes so that the two candidates with the most votes in the PASO elections (primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory), Milei and Massa, compete in an eventual Second round for the Argentine Presidency, leaving out Bullrich.

Regarding his silence after the elections, the former president She said that she had anticipated what was going to happen. “What was she going to say after the result? I had already said it before […]. In May I said on television that it was going to be a atypical choice, of thirds, and that the important thing was going to be the floor and not the ceiling. Well, that happened,” he argued.

Fernández recalled the anniversary of the triumph of Juan Domingo Peron in the 1973 elections for the last term of his life (he died in office on July 1, 1974) and commented that the daily aspirations of the population are not something of “right or left“, but “I would say that they are almost Peronist.”

The reopening of two court cases against him

Its reappearance at the event held in Buenos Aires under the motto “Of castes, inheritances, collapses and future”, organized by the Justicialista School Nestor Kirchnertook place days after the reopening of two judicial cases against him: the so-called Hotesur-Los Saucesfor alleged money laundering, and the signing in 2013 of a memorandum of understanding between Argentina and Iranwhich is being investigated as an alleged maneuver to cover up several officials from that country within the framework of the attack on the AMIA (1994).

Fernández, 70 years old and whose term as vice president ends on December 10, was condemned in December 2022 to six years prison and disqualification to hold public office in an oral trial for fraudulent administration and whose sentence was appealed.

The vice president, who suffered an assassination attempt on September 1, 2022, has maintained several times that it is lawfare victim (judicial harassment).

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