Cristina Fernández de Kirchner saved her life due to the incompetence of the attacker in handling the weapon

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Vice President of Argentina, miraculously still alive. Fernando Sabag Montiel, the 35-year-old man who put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, was arrested after the gun failed despite the fact that, according to the first data, it was suitable for firing and had five bullets in the magazine. . A true miracle, they say in Argentina.

The weapon used in the attack is a Bersa Luber 84 with a caliber of 7 millimeters, a “pocket pistol”, so considered because of its small size. Although it is an old gun, from the year 1973, it was in good condition. The first investigations affirm that the pistol was in good state and it was perfectly “fit for firing, which reinforces the miraculous character of the event.

According to the first investigations of the Argentine Police, what would have happened is that the aggressorwho in the images that were recorded at the time of the attack showed trembling, did not cock the gun before firingthat is to say, he pulled the slide backward badly, the bullet did not enter the chamber and that saved the life of Fernandez de Kirchner.

That’s the most likely hypothesis.according to a weapons expert in the middle Nius: “To be able to fire this type of semi-automatic pistol you have to cock it first, that is, you have to pull the slide backwards so that the ammunition enters. After that, you can continue firing without having to pull the rail backwards , because the casing that has been used falls out and another bullet is automatically inserted, but if the first bullet is not loaded into the chamber it is impossible to shoot”.

This same expert points a second chance: “Another possibility is that the gun was loaded but the attacker will not unsafe the gun. Both possibilities indicate that he was an amateur.”

“God has come to see Kirchner, at the distance at which it is seen in the images that the aggressor pulls the trigger, he would have killed her without remedy,” concludes this expert.


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