Cristina Cifuentes wins the legal battle against Eroski for the video of the creams that led to her resignation

The Provincial Court of Madrid declares that the conduct of the supermarket chain eroski “It constitutes a violation of the fundamental right to personal privacy” of the former president of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes for making a video public in which she appears introducing creams into her bag and then emptying it before the establishment’s security personnel.

The sentence, which corrects the court of first instance that acquitted Eroski, obliges the supermarket chain to indemnify the former president with 30,000 euros for “the damages caused” by not having diligently guarded the aforementioned images recorded in 2011 and that They ended up spread in the media in 2018.

The magistrates point out that those responsible for the supermarket should have destroyed the images 30 days after they were recorded, as indicated by law, and that if they had done so, they would never have been published in the media.

Cifuentes thus closes, with this victory, a dark chapter in his biography, which led to his resignation, in April 2018, days after the video of the creams in full scandal over the Master case, for the alleged falsification of his title of Master’s degree at the Rey Juan Carlos Universityfrom which she was finally acquitted although the court detected irregularities and sentenced two teachers.

In October 2019, the Agency of protection of data sanctioned Eroski with a fine of 100,000 euros for not guaranteeing the security of these images of Cifuentes and another of 50,000 euros for a “compilation” of photographs “deliberately in order to be exposed for regular viewing”.

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