Countries evacuate their citizens from the war between Israel and Gaz

Countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Canada have coordinated actions to evacuate their citizens who were trapped in the war between Israel and Gaza


Thousands of foreigners have been blocked in Israel and the Palestinian territories since the war between the Islamist group Hamas and Israel broke out on Saturday, October 7, a conflict that has left thousands dead.

Some countries have begun repatriation operations and others have already announced plans to evacuate their citizens.

Below is an overview of the situation of these operations, according to the latest official announcements:


Argentina, a country where there is a large Jewish community, began Operation Safe Return on Tuesday to evacuate from Israel more than 1,200 citizens who requested a place on a military plane that arrived in Tel Aviv.


The Brazilian government announced that it will deploy at least six planes to repatriate citizens of its country who want to leave Israel and the Palestinian territories. The first flight, from Tel Aviv, already landed this Wednesday in Brasilia with 211 passengers on board.

Nearly 14,000 Brazilians reside in Israel and about 6,000 in the Palestinian territories. Some have already embarked on the journey on commercial flights.

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The Canadian government has organized flights to take off from Tel Aviv with the help of the air force in the coming days.


The Chilean Air Force announced this Wednesday that it “successfully” carried out a second flight from Tel Aviv, after a first trip that evacuated Chileans stranded in the area to Athens.

South Korea

A Korean Air plane landed early this Wednesday at Incheon airport, on the outskirts of Seoul, with 192 people who were repatriated from Tel Aviv.

About 30 South Koreans will be evacuated during the week on regular flights and another 27 citizens who were on a pilgrimage in Israel will leave via the border with Jordan.


The government announced that it will evacuate “in the coming days” Danish citizens who are in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Nearly 1,200 Danes are registered in Israel and 90 in the Palestinian territories.


A Spanish Air Force plane landed this Wednesday at dawn at the Torrejón military base, near Madrid, with “more than 200 Spaniards, EU citizens and third-country citizens residing in Spain, evacuated from Israel,” the Ministry reported. defense.

A second repatriation flight arrived in Tel Aviv this Wednesday.


The government announced on Tuesday that it will organize a special Air France flight on Thursday to repatriate French people who have not been able to return to their country due to the cancellation of commercial trips.


The government announced on Tuesday that it began the first evacuation of Mexican citizens from Tel Aviv on a plane from the Ministry of National Defense and said that “in the next few hours” it will continue with the repatriation.


Nigeria has already repatriated 310 citizens who were in Jordan after leaving Israel by land. These Nigerians were traveling on a Christian pilgrimage from Bethlehem to Nazareth.


Portugal evacuated 160 foreigners from Israel to Cyprus this Wednesday on a military plane. This is the third flight organized by the Portuguese authorities, after a first plane that landed at the Cypriot airport of Larnaca on Tuesday night and another earlier this Wednesday.


Sweden organized an air evacuation of its citizens who are in Israel and the Palestinian territories, but has not released the date of this flight.

About 3,000 people with ties to Sweden live in Israel and about 800 in the Palestinian territories.


A special flight from the Swiss company repatriated about 220 Swiss citizens on Tuesday.

A second plane will make a special round trip between Zurich and Tel Aviv, with a capacity for 215 passengers.

Nearly 28,000 Swiss people and their families are registered as residing in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.


The Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday that an Air Force Hercules plane will travel to Israel to repatriate stranded Uruguayans.

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