Corona .. the injury of a delegation that accompanied the German chancellor in Africa


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Istanbul/ Anatolia

On Saturday, the German government announced that a delegation accompanying Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Africa had contracted the Corona virus.

And German television, “Deutsche Welle”, quoted a German government spokesman (unnamed) as saying that “the result of a medical examination of the official delegation participating in the chancellor confirmed that he was infected with corona after the chancellor’s trip to Africa, although the quick tests conducted during the trip and after the return were all negative.”

“After the trip, the consultant was examined several times today with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests that detect infection with the Corona virus, and all of these tests were and are still negative,” the spokesman explained.

And he stressed that “the consultant is in a position to attend the previously planned appointments in accordance with the applicable infection protection rules.”

And last Wednesday, Schulz returned with his delegation from a 3-day trip to Senegal, Niger and South Africa.

During his first African tour, after 6 months in office, the German chancellor discussed several issues, including the war in Ukraine, the food crisis, and the Corona pandemic.

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