Conversations between judges, prosecutors and businessmen who tried to hide a trip to Patagonia are leaked in Argentina

The filtering of a chat of judges, former intelligence agents and Argentine businessmen to cover up a private charter flight to hidden lake It has caused deep repudiation within the country’s politics. From the Pink House, President Alberto Fernández, has described these messages as “tremendous”. As stated by the environment of the president to the media Page 12, the Government is analyzing the measures to continue taking into account that it is an “illegal hack” of private conservations. “You have to see how to move with that, how you can act to denounce it and do whatever it takes“, they have maintained.

Among the promoters of the Telegram group is the federal judge Julián Ercolini, factotum of the persecution of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and who raised the cause of the Highway trial without evidence. In addition, in conversations he appears encouraging his peers to look for trout bills and invent alibisas pointed out by Justice ministerMartín Soria, last Sunday.

Soria has described the chats about the Lago Escondido meeting as “a precise x-ray of the rot of Argentina’s lawfare”. The close circle of the vice president has declared that it is “totally criminal behavior to cover up a gift. There is not much to comment on because it is all there and it is tremendous.”

The leaked chats belong to a Telegram group created in the past October the 17th which places the judges on their way by charter to the ranch of the English magnate Joe Lewis, owner of hundreds of hectares in Patagonia, in Bariloche. Among the members of this group are: the judges Julián Ercolini, Pablo Cayssials and Pablo Yadarola, also the CABA Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro; the former head of Legal of the SIDE, Tomas Reinke; Leonardo Bergot, too former member of the intelligence department and Clarin multimedia entrepreneurs.

Strategies were planned to impede the investigation and illegal reprisals against PSA officials were prevented.

As revealed last October by the Argentine media Page 12, the participants of this chat they planned different strategies, such as the creation of trout invoices, to prevent the investigation. They also prevented illegal retaliation against officials of the Airport Security Police (PSA), who are considered “suspected” of having provided the first information about the private flight. “Give me the pleasure of going to look for him with a patrolman of ours that I make him shit“, says one of the messages about theirs about the director of the PSA, José Glinski. In another fragment of the chats, they talk about an alleged agreement with a prosecutor from Bariloche with whom they coordinated and would have given instructions on how to close the case .

“It is an exact sample of how Justice, the Media and macrismo they tie the hands of democracy. Those who must deliver justice do nothing more than conspire for their own impunity and that of their partners, in addition to persecuting Peronism,” Soria stated. In addition, the minister added that “The chats are an extraordinary confession to multiple crimes. Handouts, influence peddling, cover-up, document falsification…”

“They had to protect those who protect them. You have to choose between democracy or the mafia”

Another of the officials who has spoken in this regard has been the deputy Leopoldo Moreau, who has published the complete chat between the judges and Macrista officials on his social networks, accompanied by the following text: “Now the scandal that Together for Change set up in Congress is understood. The only thing that worries judges and prosecutors to those who are heard planning various crimes to cover up the crime of gifts is what could happen in the Council of the Magistracy. They had to protect those who protect them.”. To which he added: “You have to choose between democracy or the mafia.”

For her part, the argentine senatorJuliana Di Tullio, has added: “If you think that they operate only so that Cristina goes to jail, you are very wrong. They are the owners of the PRO leaders, the employees of the companies that raise prices and those who are going to put you in jail when you go to protest for yours”.

The representative of the Justicialista Party Rodolfo Tailhade has been more blunt. Consider that the known chats last Sunday “expose the impudent collusion between federal judges, Macrista officials, the media and intelligence services that we get tired of denouncing.” He then made a list of the crimes that were committed for him: “The first and most obvious is the collection of a gift: weekend with private jet travel, helicopter transfer and paid lodging” by a media outlet. Tailhade has described this plot as “a gangster movie“, in which a case was filed for “illegal espionage to squeeze the official who they suppose handed over the flight form.”

Another of the voices that has been pronounced is that of the legislator of the city of Buenos Aires Victoria Montenegro who, together with the publication of the chats, added: “Did you see how sometimes it’s hard to explain lawfare? Well, in this Tekegram group it is self explanatory. Judicial, political and business complicity. How much impunity!” The shorter was the message from the Buenos Aires minister Andrés Larroque: “The one that is doing well is Justice,” he said ironically. Finally, the lawyer Graciana Peñafort remarked that “I don’t know if the chat of the judges who went to Patagonia scares me more or the certainty that the editorials show about the conviction of CFK for the mamarracho of the ‘Road’ case everything is part of the same corrupt and accommodating system that no longer works”.

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