Consulate of Colombia in San Cristóbal will be reactivated this #25Sep

This office, which is the fourth most important at the consular level according to the Colombian Foreign Ministry, will have the capacity to serve a maximum of 80 people per day, almost less than half of the people it received before it was closed due to the breaking of diplomatic relations. between the governments of Maduro and Iván Duque

The third consular headquarters of Colombia in Venezuela will reopen in San Cristóbal, Táchira state, this Monday, September 25, reported David Hadad Clavijo, the new Colombian consul in that Andean entity, during his participation in a protocol event held on Friday the 22nd.

The diplomat announced that attention to the public will be from 8:00 am

“We will begin activities with the formality of peak and ID. Before closing, 150 people were served here daily. In this first stage there will be 60, 70, maximum 80, to test how we are doing and what we managed to do,” said the consular authority.

According to official information, in the coming days the arrival of new technology equipment is expected to speed up the procedures they will carry out. At that headquarters, which is the fourth most important according to the Colombian Foreign Ministry, it is planned to serve Colombian and Venezuelan citizens residing in the states of Apure, Barinas and Mérida.

On July 5, the Colombian consulate reopened in San Antonio del Táchira, in the border municipality of Bolívar. The number of people who arrive daily exceeds the operational capacity of that office. And no wonder, citizens spent four years without having consular services at their disposal, after the breaking of diplomatic relations between the government of Nicolás Maduro and that of then-president Iván Duque.

It was not until the assumption of the presidency of Gustavo Petro, who recognizes Maduro and his entire cabinet, that ties between the two brother countries were reestablished.

In Venezuela there are five consulates that the Colombian government has. They are distributed in the following cities: Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, San Antonio del Táchira and San Cristóbal. So far three of them have opened.

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