Conservatives win Finnish elections and Sanna Marin falls behind far-right

Finnish Prime Minister sanna marinadmitted this Sunday the victory in the parliamentary elections of the Nordic country of his rival, the conservative Kokoomus party, when the counting of the votes has not yet finished, and congratulated its leader, Petteri Orpo, with whom he said he would be willing to form a coalition.

The Social Democratic leader was very satisfied and pointed out that her party had good elections because it increased its popular support and its number of seats. However, predicted difficult negotiations to form a government, although he expressed his confidence that an agreement would be reached to guarantee a coalition with a parliamentary majority

“My party has gained support and we have more representatives in Parliament, so, as leader of the party, I am very happy,” Marin interpreted before the international press in a first reaction when the scrutiny had almost been completed, very close since the closing of the vote.

The Prime Minister’s Social Democrats, sanna marincurrently the largest political force in the country, has been relegated to third place with 43 seats, behind the far-right True Finns with 46 and the conservative Kokoomus with 48.

“I think the Finnish people want a change and now I will open negotiations with all parties to form a government,” said Orpo, leader of the conservatives.

He center partythe main government partner of the Social Democrats, obtained 11.6% of the vote (2.1 points less) and lost eight seats, having to settle for 23 seats, the worst result in its history.

The other large members of the government coalition, Los Verdes, who lost seven seats, and the Left Alliance, with five fewer seats, also fell, while the fifth partner of the Executive, the Swedish Popular Party, remained with nine seats.

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