Compromís, Més per Mallorca, Más País, Chunta and Verdes Equo will strengthen their joint work with a conference in Valencia

The objective is none other than to weave a collaborative space “from horizontal”. Compromís, Más País, Més per Mallorca, Verdes Equo and the Chunta Aragonesista plan to meet next Monday, May 9, in Valencia with a view to signing the ‘Acord del Turia’.

An agreement that seeks to establish a sphere of cooperation “as equals and with respect to the sovereignty of political projects”. The organization of the meeting has made public, through a statement, that the five leftist formations continue to strengthen their alliance.

A place from which to weave affinities that already had its prequel in October 2021 with the ‘Zaragoza Declaration’when the Chunta Aragonesista, Más País, Verdes Equo and Compromís signed a joint declaration that proposed territorial, green and left-wing alternatives.

They will participate in the day Inigo Errejonspokesperson for More Country in Congress; Joan BaldoviCompromís spokesperson in Congress; Vicenç Vidalsenator of Més per Mallorca; Joaquin Palacin, president of the Aragonese Chunta; Y Silvia Melladospokesperson for Verdes Equo, among others.


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