Compromís, Más País, Equo, Chunta and MES deepen their understanding at the gates of a new electoral cycle

Compromís has filled the Plaza del Pilar de València for the public presentation of the Acords del Túria, signed this morning between the Valencianistas, Más País, MÉS per Mallorca, Chunta Aragonesista and Equo. With this pact, a space that has been consolidating for years is organically consolidated, since the European elections of 2019 -still without Más Madrid- and the general elections of the same year -in which MÉS per Mallorca presented itself on its own.

Compromís thus marks political muscle. It is not only the formation with the most institutional power of those present, but it is also the meeting point of different formations that have not interacted with each other before. The “pal de paller” [palo de pajar]as they have named it in the act of a political space with a desire for state influence and aspirations to grow and establish itself in more territories.

“I am very comfortable here and it shows. Nothing important is done if you are not comfortable”, highlighted Iñigo Errejón, leader of Más País, at the beginning of the presentation of what they have defined as “a political family”. A “family” made up of six basic and somewhat generic points: better financing and self-government for the territories, strengthening of public services, an ambitious ecological transition, energy sovereignty, a culture of peace and feminist struggle, and a at the service of people.

A basic program that, in the words of Compromís deputy, Joan Baldoví, has to serve to “create hope” and “go to the elections knowing that we do it better than the right”. The new electoral cycle that is about to arrive has been the protagonist in most of the interventions. “We are not doing this to withstand the downpour of the extreme right, but rather we are a guarantee of a better life for people,” Silvia Mellado, co-spokesperson for Equo, summarized.

According to Errejón, the “legislature is at a bifurcation”, since the Government “cannot satisfy everyone like when things are going well”, and, in a moment of crisis, “Sánchez has to decide who to protect, if the working people, whose life is getting more and more difficult, or those at the top”. “If the government forgets who voted for it and why and does not make the crisis pay for those who have the most to protect those below, this government will not repeat itself.”

Along the same lines, the senator for Més per Mallorca, Vicenç Vidal, recalled that “an economic model that generates precariousness and poverty needs to be changed, and changes are possible”, in relation to the Balearic model of mass tourism, although it has lamented the “missed opportunity” of European Next Generation funds.

In his closing speech, Baldoví asked to the loud applause of the attendees that “they forget that the extreme right is coming, if not what we are coming for is us, and we are here to win.”

In addition to Errejón, Baldoví, Mellado and Vidal, the president of the Chunta Aragonesista, Joaquín Palacín, spoke at the event, hailing the creation of “a space for collaboration, equality, loyalty and decentralization, with long-term goals” . Also the autonomous deputies of Compromís, Aitana Mas and Juan Ponce, and the general coordinator of Més Compromís -the main force of Compromís- Àgueda Micó, who has officiated as presenter.


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