Compromís aspires to a quick file of the cause so that Mónica Oltra reaches the May elections with more force

This Monday, September 19, Monica Oltra will testify for the first time before the investigating judge number 15 of Valencia who is investigating the alleged plot in the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies -directed by Oltra herself- to try to exculpate her ex-husband from the investigation of sexual abuse of a minor by which was ultimately convicted.

Nobody expects that during this first statement nothing too relevant will happen. On the part of the accused, her environment repeats that “she has already told everything in the different parliamentary appearances, when she has answered all the questions imaginable, it is difficult for them to ask her anything new nor has she kept any surprise information”. From the legal team it is “unlikely” that the judge files the case immediately. “We do not believe that it has come this far, including the accusation of 14 people, and then shelving the first statement”, although these same sources point out the double yardstick of Spanish justice, referring to recent examples such as those of Cospedal –which the judge refuses to investigate again despite the appearance of the audios with Villarejo- or Ayuso –with the express file of the investigation for the contracts of his brother’s masks-.

Instead, they denounce that the Oltra case continues “despite having 13 people with 13 different defenses who go before the judge and give exactly the same version. And this, instead of being an exculpatory evidence, becomes a reason for suspicion.” “.

On the other side, the private accusations -represented by the Gobiernate association of the extreme right Cristina Segui and by the leader of Spain 2000, José Luis Roberto–, and the Prosecutor’s Office are in no hurry to bring the case to an end quickly. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced its non-opposition to the Government’s request to incorporate the private emails of Oltra and the rest of the defendants into the case with a few limitations on time and subject matter, since in its opinion they offer a “clear potential from the point of view, elementary in the investigation, to clarify what happened”.

political objective

Since compromise It is very much in mind that “there are many ways to lengthen a judicial process” and that the objective of the plaintiffs will be “to keep the proceedings open until, at least, after the elections.” In the event that they fail, they do not doubt that Oltra’s leadership “is very powerful and can not only come out unscathed, but even be reinforced”, in an unspoken analogy with Lulawho after being charged -and even imprisoned- for corruption saw all his cases shelved and today leads all the polls for the Brazilian elections on October 2.

From the training they do not rule out that Oltra will be their candidate for the regional elections that are expected for May 2023 although they recognize that it will be “difficult”. “The first condition will be legal, but the personal factor must also be taken into account, if you feel like it and feel comfortable, but the entire list composition process is being done taking into account the possibility that it will come back,” Valencian sources detail. .

For the moment, the objective of Compromís is to use the accusation as a boomerang, vindicating Oltra’s political achievements in the Government and denouncing a plot that would have maneuvered her out of office. Plot that would have Seguí and Roberto as visible faces, but that would extend to sectors of the PP – including the former Valencian president Francis Camps and the former president of the Provincial Court and popular senator Ferdinand de Rosa– already the multinational Ribera Healthespecially affected by the reversals of hospital privatization in the Valencian Country.

This past August there were news, when Teresa, the minor in care abused by the educator, denounced that “she felt that she had been used and then left lying around,” referring to her far-right lawyers and mentors. Statements that were accompanied by an angry fight in networks between Teresa’s environment with Cristina Seguí and José Luis Roberto in accordance with the unfulfilled promises towards the minor – today already of legal age and mother of two children – and that could call into question everything your testimony.

Then, the senior staff of Compromís came out in a storm on networks to denounce what they already openly called a case of lawfare. Now, with the declaration of the former vice president before the judge, they are preparing another similar campaign with the aim of reinforcing their arguments and preparing the ground for Oltra’s return.


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