Communities in Apure on alert for flooding of the Arauca river

The flood of the Arauca river in the early hours of this Saturday, June 17, after the rainfall, put several communities in the state of Apure on alert. For their part, inhabitants of the town of Guasdualito have been affected for a week, due to stagnant water due to the lack of pumping equipment, which led to repairs.

Author: Lenys Carolina Martínez / Radio Fe y Alegría News

The communities of the Urdaneta parish of the José Antonio Páez municipality, in Apure state, have been on alert since the early hours of this Saturday, June 17, due to the flooding of the Arauca river.

The general coordinator of the Forest Rescue Brigade (BFR), José Gregorio Linares, informed Radio Fe y Alegría Noticias that at 7:00 pm on Friday the 16th the river began to grow due to a strong current and with a lot of plant material. However, at two in the morning it left its natural course through several neighborhoods: Santa Rosa, Nuevo, Santa María, among others.

There are about 15 houses affected

On the other hand, Linares commented that, to date, there are at least 15 homes affected and it is expected that the authorities, with the support of the security forces, will make an appearance and provide support for the inhabitants of the sector.

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The BFR spokesman assured –at the close of this note- “there is no overflow at this time” and that the weather is cloudy, “but without rain”, he said.

However, the communities of the Urdaneta parish are on alert with the Arauca river and the possible effects.

Additionally, the inhabitants of the Guasdualito community have been affected by stagnant water for a week due to the lack of pumping equipment, which they took to repair.

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