Colombia, under the threat of the extreme left: Petro wins and goes to the second round

All the polls of the last few weeks pointed to Gustavo Petrowho was a member of the terrorist group called April 19 Movement (M-19) and who leads the coalition Historical Pactwould be the most voted in the first round of the presidential elections in Colombia that were held this Sunday.

According to the official results, Petro achieved 40.30% of the votes, followed by Rodolfo Hernandezof the League of Anti-Corruption Rulers, with 28.15%. For many, Hernández, former mayor of Bucaramanga, is the big surprise of the day by leaving the right-wing candidate out of the second round Federico Gutierrez which remained with 23.90%.

Given this panorama, the danger is that Colombia falls into the same leftist extremism as has happened in two countries in the region: in Peru, with peter castlewhich in barely 10 months of administration has already accumulated a series of scandals and accusations of corruption, and in Chile with Gabriel Boric whose disapproval continues to grow.

In his first speech after confirming the result, Hernández, an engineer and construction businessman, pointed out that “a country wins that does not want to continue for another day with the same ones that have led to the painful situation” and added that “today it lost the country of politicking, of corruption, lost the gangs that believed they would be the government forever, today citizenship won, today Colombia won.

In addition, he wanted to send a message to his constituents: “I want to tell those who voted for me that I will not fail them, my commitment is and always will be to make Colombia a country with opportunities (…) Thank you Colombians, together with you we will win in second round and thus be able to specify the path we have started today”. For him, “it will be this town that will build victory in the second round.”

For its part, “Fico” Gutierrez, who quickly accepted his defeat, said that “I want to express publicly that we do not want to lose the country and that we are not going to put the future of Colombia, our families and our children at risk. And for this reason, Rodrigo and I will vote for Rodolfo and by Marelen (Torres) on June 19”. He also wanted to warn that “Gustavo Petro, for everything he has said and for everything he has done, does not suit Colombia. It would be a danger to democracy, to freedoms, to our families and to our children.” .

In his first words as the winner of the first round, Petro said that “the political parties allied to the Duque government, his political project, has been defeated in Colombia” and pointed out that “the total vote in Colombia launches that central message to the world: a term is ending, an era is ending. We are a million votes away from winning.” He sentenced by pointing out that “now it is a matter of building, of seeing what we are going to do. What would that change consist of? Today we define what kind of change we want: whether to commit suicide or move forward.”


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