Colombia and Venezuela committed to combat transnational crime

The Defense Ministers of Colombia and Venezuela emphasized the real demonstration and the will of the two governments to implement measures for the benefit of citizens who live on a border with economic, social, cultural and family ties.

Author: Jonathan Maldonado | The nation

The Ministers of Defense of Venezuela and Colombia Vladimir Padrino López and Iván Velásquez, respectively, signed binational security and defense agreements in the auditorium of San Antonio del Táchira, in the border municipality of Bolívar.

During the meeting, which began on Friday, November 17 at Border Detachment 212 with the greeting protocol between authorities from both countries, and which ended with a meeting at the main customs office, the ministers committed to combating transnational crime. .

“The meeting was quite fruitful,” Padrino López emphasized in a joint statement with his Colombian counterpart. “It has been very pertinent, with contributions that we celebrate. We must continue strengthening the mechanisms and that is why we have proposed to accelerate the agreements.”

He thanked Minister Velásquez for the visit and stressed that with the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, progress has been made in various matters that, to this day, show the commitment of the two countries to continue on that path.

Velásquez expressed the binational interest so that security agencies have the ideal communications and links to combat organized crime, transnational crime, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

“From aspirations we move on to concrete actions,” continued the Colombian minister, dressed in his traditional white guayabera. “Illegal mining must also be combated. “There are many criminal activities that have been developing and took advantage of the lack of communication.”

The ministers emphasized the real demonstration and the willingness of the two governments to implement measures for the benefit of citizens who live on a border with economic, social, cultural and family ties.

Closure to the passage of vehicles

The meeting of the ministers affected the passage of vehicles through the Simón Bolívar international bridge, which was interrupted for more than four hours.

Around the passers-by, there was a moment when they also blocked their path due to the movement of the ministers at the end of the meeting. Citizens were upset by the temporary blockage of the international route.

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