Cloud POS software drives the digital transformation of hospitality and small businesses

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MADRID, Jan. 17 (Portaltic/EP) –

The sector of the hotels, restaurants and retail trade is undergoing rapid changes in the consumption habits of its customers, accelerated by the new reality after the Covid-19 pandemic where customers use multiple channels to make their purchases and interact with the establishment.

In this new context, technology plays a fundamental role and the POS software in the cloud (point of sale terminal) has become a key tool when it comes to efficiently managing all sales channels -physical establishments, online stores, apps, ‘click & collect’ or ‘delivery’ chains-, facilitating the process of buy and retain customers.

In order to respond to this need, Zucchetti Spain has incorporated into its portfolio of tilby solutions, an innovative POS software in the cloud that allows manage reservations, orders, stocks and sales from a tablet, computer or smartphone, in order to facilitate management. This new Zucchetti Group tool, developed specifically for small hotels and retail, is now available to Spanish companies.

“This POS solution in the cloud differs from other solutions due to its quick start-up, its easy handling and because it simplifies daily work, allowing sales to be analyzed, customer service and billing to be improved”, explains the company through of a statement.

The solution is intuitive and can be implemented quickly, as all you need is a tablet (IOS or Android), computer (Windows or Mac) or smartphone with internet access. Thanks to APIs can be integrated with other software solutions such as ERP (enterprise resource planning systems) or PMS (hotel management software), as well as with the main ‘delivery’ chains, something increasingly demanded by consumers.

To promote the digital transformation of the small hotel and retail trade in Spain, Zucchetti has announced that companies that hire Tilby before March 31 will benefit from a 25% discount. “An opportunity to adapt to the new market and to be able to compete with the large companies and chains in the sector“reiterates the company.

In addition, Zucchetti Spain accompanies this launch with the publication of a didactic guide in which it analyzes the strategic role of POS software and provides the keys for a new omnichannel management. The guide ‘POS software for small hotels and businesses’ is now available free of charge on the software manufacturer’s website.

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