Ciudadanos proposes that Congress elect an independent committee to appoint senior public sector officials


Ciudadanos has presented an initiative in the Congress of Deputies with which it intends to depoliticize the managerial positions of the General State Administration, proposing the creation of an independent commission, which would be elected by a reinforced majority of the Lower House, and would be in charge of elect the high positions of the administrative, business and foundational public sector.

The group now led in Congress by Edmundo Bal has registered this initiative through a non-law proposal that will soon be seen in the Committee on Territorial Policy and Public Function of the Lower House.

In it, Ciudadanos proposes the creation of the Recruitment and Selection Commission for the Public Administration “to comply” with article 13.2 of the revised text of the Law on the Basic Statute of Public Employees.

According to the text of the initiative, to which Europa Press has had access, Ciudadanos wants this Commission to contemplate “the management and development of the selective processes for the election of the freely appointed managerial positions of the Administration whose appointment is made by the Council of Ministers, as well as the presidents and directors of the entities that make up the administrative, business and foundational public sector that are elected by their own governing bodies.

To guarantee the “independence, professionalism and experience” of the Commission, Ciudadanos proposes in its initiative that the president and the rest of its members be elected by a reinforced majority by Congress among officials and members of civil society, “taking into account their merits and ability.


Likewise, in its non-law proposal, Ciudadanos wants to ensure that the Commission guarantees the publicity of these selection procedures by publishing the start of the selection process in the Official State Gazette (BOE), the Portal of Transparency and Good Government and on the page of the Department at the proposal of which the public competition has been initiated, as well as the criteria and tests that will be used to assess the applicants.

To evaluate the adequacy of the profiles, Citizens asks that the Commission assess “effectively” the merit and ability of the applicants by assigning a score that contemplates the suitability of the application for the job offered.


In its explanatory memorandum, Ciudadanos puts Portugal as an example of depoliticization of senior positions in the public sector, highlighting that the neighboring country created the CReSAP (Public Administration Recruitment and Selection Commission) in 2011.

In fact, most of the proposals made by Ciudadanos in their initiative for the creation of this independent committee are the functions entrusted to this Commission in Portugal, as detailed in the text itself.

“On the degree of success of this entity, the former president of CReSAP, Johao Bilhim, highlights the increase in transparency, the depoliticization of the administration and the granting of greater legitimacy to the holders of managerial positions, among other advantages of the model implemented in Portugal”, they claim.

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