Ciudadanos bleeds to death in Castilla y León and takes another step towards irrelevance

Who was going to tell Francisco Igea that Ciudadanos was going to go from being key in the formation of the Government in Castilla y León in 2019 to being ostracized and irrelevance? with a single attorney in 2022. From twelve to one. From third force to seventh. From 15% of the votes to 4.5%.

Fundamental for the PP to be able to maintain power in the face of the advance of the PSOE, Ciudadanos achieved after the last elections four portfolios in the Government, including the vice-presidency of the Board and the Ministry of Health in the midst of a pandemic. But the debacle is unstoppable and the worst omens for the orange party have been confirmed again, also in Castilla y León.

Igea, after the results, lamented the advance of the extreme right: “Today we have nothing to celebrate. This community and this country today have nothing to celebrate. We live in a polarized situation and this community has been condemned to unnecessary elections. and stupid. The extreme right aspires to have government seats. These elections were called to achieve an absolute majority and to kick out Ciudadanos.”

The natural ally of the Popular Party is now Vox and little or nothing has Cs to contribute, more than the memory that in 2019 they promised to end the popular ones to change the color of the community government for the first time in 30 years and ended up supporting them by order of their Executive. Their decisions bring them closer to the abyss.

“The thing that every time Cs disappears, Vox rises is because for years they deceived you with the fact that that party (and its leader) were moderation, they were renewal and they were modernity,” Gabriel Rufián maintained on his Twitter account. In 2019, Cs obtained 12 seats and 205,000 votes: three in Valladolid, two in Salamanca, two in Burgos, one in Palencia, one in León, one in Ávila, one in Segovia and one in Zamora. From that scenario to barely scratching a prosecutor in Valladolid and a loss of over 150,000 votes.

In these elections, the bleeding has been abundant: 12,000 fewer votes in Ávila (zero seats), 27,000 fewer in Burgos (zero seats), 26,000 fewer in León (zero seats), 11,000 fewer in Palencia (zero seats), 24,000 fewer in Salamanca (zero seats), 12,000 fewer in Segovia (zero seats), 5,000 fewer in Soria (zero seats), 43,000 fewer in Valladolid (one seat) and 13,000 fewer in Zamora (zero seats).

Little by little Ciudadanos is completely submerged in the national political scene and the strength of Vox consumes all the aspirations of the formation led by Inés Arrimadas, who has not been able to adapt to an environment in which the far-right force of Santiago Abascal has eaten everything the land that once belonged to them.

It has been no use being the visible face during the pandemic, managing the Ministry of Health and its attempts to be transparent with the data around the virus, something that was conspicuous by its absence in the rest of the communities. The day that the Popular Party was strong, Ciudadanos was removed and could not be oblivious to the bad results it is reaping throughout the country.

The abyss that the party approached in the general elections of 10-N, when it went from 57 seats in the Congress of Deputies to 10 in just six months, still haunts Ciudadanos, who cannot reverse that goring.


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