Ciudadanos and Vox manipulate some statements by Irene Montero to accuse her of accepting pederasty

Vox and Ciudadanos manipulate some declarations of Irene Montero on sex education to accuse her of accept pederasty. This is what Irene Montero said this Wednesday in an intervention in the Congress of Deputies to talk about the law on Sexual and Reproductive Rights: “All girls, boys, children in this country have the right to know their own body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they don’t want to and that this is a form of violence, they have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with whoever they want, based, yes, on consent”.

The appearance, at the minister’s own request, revolved around the new abortion law and specifically spoke about the right of minors between 16 and 18 years of age to voluntarily interrupt pregnancy without parental permission, as well as the right to sex-affective education of minors.

Even so, Montero’s words were spread through social networks and far-right channels and media, under the manipulated message that he was promoting pederasty.

A few hours after the video cut ran on the internet, Vox and Ciudadanos turned it into a political offensive against Montero from the Congress of Deputies. The spokesman for the extreme right, Ivan Espinosa de los Monterosassured that Montero’s words are “outrageous”, typical of “Islamic” countries and that he is “justifying pederasty”. They demand that it be disapproved, that it resign and that the Ministry of Equality be closed.

Shortly after, those of Inés Arrimadas joined them. “I could not believe that Irene Montero was really saying that in Spain what the Penal Code defines as a crime is allowed (…) I could not believe that she was talking about the consent of those who are under 16 years of age to maintain sexual relations”, said the spokesman for Cs in Congress, Edmund Ball, minutes before also requesting the resignation or immediate dismissal of the Minister for Equality.

“I am very embarrassed”

Irene Montero has assured that she is “very ashamed of the campaign deployed by the extreme right” against her. “Let them say what they want, but our country deserves a great agreement to guarantee that all children have the right and effective access to their right to a comprehensive sex education“, settled this Thursday in Congress.


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