Citizen Control: Organic Border Law is a dead letter

According to Citizen Control, the Regulations to the Organic Border Law should have been published in the Official Gazette, on December 30, 2016, and the Comprehensive Border Development Plan, before June 30 of that year. But to date it has not happened

The Citizen Control organization indicated that, eight years after the Organic Law of Borders (LOF) was in force, “there is no comprehensive policy of the State in the land, island, water and air border spaces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as as provided in article 1 of the Law. Neither have the border regions of Venezuela been delimited nor is the Comprehensive Development Plan in Border Areas known, mandates established by the LOF.

According to Citizen Control, the LOF Regulations should have been published in the Official Gazette no later than December 30, 2016, and the Comprehensive Border Development Plan should have been published before June 30 of that year. But to date it has not happened.

«Nor have the Management Plans and Regulations of Use of the Areas Under the Special Administration Regime, located within the Border Regions, been prepared or updated, a mandate that should have been fulfilled, according to the LOF, before December 30, 2016» , highlights the organization through a press release.

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In this sense, Citizen Control calls on the National Executive, “especially at times when the border occupies a place of importance, due to the challenges posed by the exercise of sovereignty and defense of territorial integrity, to comply with the constitutional mandate and legal provisions established on border matters for State bodies and not only for the Bolivarian National Armed Forces.

The Decree with the Rank, Value and Force of Organic Border Law, in accordance with the Constitutional mandate established in article 15, and in the Sixth Transitional Provision, issued on December 30, 2015, by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, According to Official Gazette N 6,210, of that same date, today it celebrates eight years since it was promulgated, without any of its fundamental articles having been fulfilled.

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