Chus Mateo: “It is a challenge, a pride and a great responsibility”

MADRID, July 6. (.) –

The new Real Madrid basketball coach, Chus Mateo, confessed that assuming that position until 2024 is “a challenge”, “a pride” and “a great responsibility”, although he avoided commenting on the controversial departure of the white club “for medical reasons “of his predecessor Pablo Laso.

In his first interview with the white team’s official media, Chus Mateo said that belonging to Real Madrid means “being in the best club in the world”. “It is a pride, a joy, an ability to aspire to compete until the last moment for any title, fight until the end and fight against adversity. It is a challenge, a great responsibility,” he said.

For Mateo, his intention is to “want to please” the fans who are aware of what the team is doing, who “suffer” and “live” the defeats and the victories. “I would love to be able to be part of all those joys that the fans want,” he said.

At Real Madrid you always want to win, but Mateo believes that people like to see players play well. “And so there is more chance of winning. I like fast and collaborative basketball, a team in which they help each other and there is a chemistry that helps you win. A team that defends and in which everyone has the ability to take decisions. We will see it depending on the template that is made,” he said.

Since he arrived at Real Madrid they taught him that you have to be fighting “to win and try to compete every day”. “There is something that the fans do not forgive you for: that you do not give everything. And in Madrid you always have to give everything. Knowing the dressing room is an advantage. The role changes and the important thing is that chemistry prevails over everything. We have to have a good group, that helps each other and where the egos are behind the group, and in which we all row in the same direction”, he declared.

He confessed that he was excited to be coach of Real Madrid. “I started at the Agustiniano school and you never imagine what life has in store for you. I’ve always been a real Madridista, I’ve liked watching all the Real Madrid basketball games and I got hooked from a very young age. It’s an illusion and a dream to be able to form part of this stage,” he said.

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