‘Chuletita’ Orozco will not continue in soccer and leaves Guatemala

In recent days Javier ‘Chuletita’ Orozco announced his retirement from soccer after serving in Mexican footballmostly and have an affair in Guatemala with Xelajú Mario Camposeco of the National League of Guatemala.

In words for the FutVox Direct Shot podcast, of the Mexican journalist Gustavo Mendoza, the one born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, mentioned: “They told me that how much it differs, children, I would understand life a little more. Seeing him (his son) smile is the most beautiful thing in my life and now I want to dedicate myself to him. I decide to thank football”.

After being previously with Cancun FC of the Mexican Expansion League, The Aztec striker decided to embark on an adventure in Guatemalan soccer with ‘Xela’ for the second part of 2021, signing a 6-month contract. Now that it’s over, too has decided to end his career as a professional gamer.

“Being a footballer is something precious that God sent me, the most beautiful thing that one can live. I am very happy with the decision because now one looks at life differently”.

The now 34-year-old ex-footballer and the Quetzaltenango team were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 at the expense of the Municipal CSD, in the Central American country. During the tournament, Orozco, scored 5 goals in 23 matches played.

Regarding the decision to play in Guatemala, he said: “I decided to come because I always wanted to go out and see other cultures. Football has improved a lot, renowned coaches are coming, I already gave what I had to give, now I’m in another stage of my life”.

The experience did not end in the best way, since the sum of his goals was lower than expected and in the return for the quarterfinals he was expelled, leaving his team outnumbered when they were looking for the goal of the comeback.

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