Chiranjeevi: What if Venu shocks like this!.. Megastar congratulates ‘Balagam’ team

Chiranjeevi: Balagam is a film produced by Harshit and Hansita under the banner of Dilraju Productions under the direction of Dilraju. With this, Venu Eldandi, a comedian and Jabardas actor, got introduced as a director with this film. Carrying the Telangana culture and emotions of Telugu people, Venu made this movie as a very limited budget movie. Many new actors and technicians were introduced to the industry. The film, which says that the bonds around us are our strength, released on March 3 and became a great success. Along with common people, celebrities are also appreciating Balagam movie.

Recently, Megastar Chiranjeevi congratulated the ‘Balagam’ team. Balagam team reached there as Bhola Shankar was busy during the shooting. He came there and spoke to the team privately. Along with director Venu Eldandi, hero Priyadarshi, heroine Kavya Kalyan Ram, producer Dil Raju and others, Chiranjeevi had a special meeting. Director Venu saluted Chiranjeevi and took blessings. Chiranjeevi said that he watched the movie and said, “What if Venu suddenly makes a good movie and shakes things up?” He appreciated the movie very much.

Chiranjeevi appreciated Venu that despite having a commercial director like Dil Raju, the film was shot very naturally. Venu and hero Priyadarshi were honored with shawls. Balagam, which was released as a short film, connected well with the audience with Dil Raju’s support and was a huge success, say the film circles.

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