China now prohibits the media from announcing the end of the confinement in Shanghai

From June 1, and after more than two months of strict confinementmost of the 25 million Shanghai were able to leave their homes again. The strict zero covid policy designed and imposed with an iron fist by the president Xi Jinpin and his army of loyal officials, has led Shanghainese to experience one of the worst lockdowns in the world since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

What has happened in Shanghai since the irruption of the omicron variant It was the palpable demonstration that China lacked a strategy to get out of the pandemic without causing serious damage to the economy and social rejection. If for two years Xi could show off and legitimize their authoritarian model of fighting the pandemicthe outbreak of 2022 has disrupted all his plans, highly conditioned by the celebration at the end of the year of the XX Congress of the PCCh, in which he aspires to be re-elected.

About the nightmare that the inhabitants of Shanghai lived for 70 days we already reported in digital freedom. On June 1, this strict confinement supposedly ended, celebrated with traditional fireworks and, in many cases, toasting with friends and family after very hard weeks of confinement. the end of lockdown has allowed the majority of Shanghainese leave their homes, go to work and use public transport.

Yet many restrictions still in place: Many shops remain closed and those that are open have a capacity limit of 75%. In addition, restaurants cannot admit diners, so customers choose to order to take away and consume either at home or in green areas of the center. They also do not have authorization to open gyms, museums and cinemas. That is to say: in a very cautious way, an attempt is made to return to pre-confinement normality.

Forbidden to say that there was confinement

Despite all of the above, Chinese tyranny never ceases to amaze. how to pick up Guardianthe Shanghai authorities have ordered the media to refrain from using the term “confinement” when they report on the end of the closure of more than two months of the city.

They can report changes in restrictions, but don’t use the phrase “end lockdown”. In case there is any doubt, the guidelines issued to the media on Tuesday and leaked to the ChinaDigitalTimes it is said: “Unlike Wuhan, Shanghai never declared a lockdown, so you can’t ‘end the lockdown’.” In addition, he asks them to emphasize that the restrictions imposed “were temporary, conditional and limited”which is in stark contrast to the hell that shanghainese lived for weeks.

Like Vladimir Putin prevents the Russian media from talking about “war” to refer to the one that has unleashed in Ukraine with the invasion of February 24, and they have to use the euphemism “special military operation”, in Shanghai the media can report on what restrictions are still in place force after the end of the confinement, but without declaring that there was a confinement.


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