China assures that the epidemiological situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is “under control”

MADRID, Dec. 28 (.) –

The Government of China has assured this Wednesday that the epidemiological situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is “under control”, amid the rebound in cases detected in recent weeks after the relaxation of restrictions.

“At this time, the development of the epidemiological situation in China is as expected and is under control,” said the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, who explained that “Beijing was the first to pass the peak of the Pandemic and production and life there are gradually returning to normal.”

“All countries in the world will go through a period of adaptation when they adjust their Pandemic prevention policies and the case of China is no different,” he said, while stressing that the authorities are working to contain the situation throughout the country.

Thus, Wang lamented that “some Western media have deliberately exaggerated or even distorted the adjustment in China’s Pandemic prevention and control policy, avoiding talking about the high price that the country has paid for prevention in the face of the pandemic”, according to the Chinese portal Sina.

“The fact is that for the past three years, since the start of the pandemic, the Chinese government has always put people and life above everything else,” he argued. “From a global perspective, the rate of seriously ill and dead in China is the lowest,” she concluded.

The Chinese government announced on Monday that as of January 8 it will reopen its borders and eliminate the need for quarantine in a new step in the relaxation of restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

China’s National Health Commission announced on Sunday that it will stop publishing daily coronavirus cases as the country sees a surge in cases after easing some restrictions. Some 248 million people in China, 18 percent of the population, have tested positive for coronavirus in the first three weeks of December.

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