Chaos in London after cancellation of Eurostar trains due to flooding on the tracks

The Eurostar company, which operates trains linking the United Kingdom with continental Europe through the Eurotunnel, announced the cancellation of all its services this Saturday to and from London due to the closure of a track on its high-speed route due to flooding on the tracks.

“Due to the flooding of a tunnel on the high-speed line near London, we have to cancel all trains to and from London this Saturday, December 30,” Eurostar explained in a message on its social networks.

The water company Thames Water explained that the reason for the flooding, in a tunnel under the River Thames near Ebsfleet International station (east of London), It was probably a failure in “the fire control system”, and not a break in one of its pipes.

A video distributed by Southeastern Railways showed the tunnel flooded by water coming from a pipe from the side walls.

“We apologize for the impact caused and appreciate your understanding,” says the company, which previously It had already announced the suspension of the morning trains, but that it hoped to resume the rest of the services.

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Flooding in a tunnel used by Eurostar trains.

Southeastern Railways, which operates on those same tracks to link London with the southeast of England, had already warned that High-speed trains are “not expected” this Saturday between St Pancras and Ashford International (near the Eurotunnel).

It is unknown if the flooded roads can be used this Sundayalthough the railway network maintenance company reported that this is a problem that “will take time” to resolve.

Eurostar offers travelers three possibilities: change their train to another day, cancel the reservation and request a voucher that will be valid for 12 months or cancel the trip and obtain a refund.

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United Kingdom

Canceled and delayed Eurostar arrivals and departures on an information board at St Pancras station, London.

Thousands of passengers are involved in scenes of chaos at London’s St. Pancras station, where Eurostar trains depart and arrive, on a day when many families had planned to travel to spend New Year’s Eve in another country.

This is the second interruption of Eurostar services in less than ten days, after the company’s workers in France unexpectedly declared a “last minute strike” on December 21.


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