Cayetana triumphs in Buenos Aires: “Argentina is not an irremediable anomaly”

Journalist, intellectual and deputy of the PP in Congress, Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo presents his book “Politically Undesirable” (Ediciones B) in Buenos Aires. There she has walked her fight against the most undesirable of politics until she became politically undesirable herself with great success. Some chronicles, like the one in the newspaper The worlddirectly qualify her as a “rock star”, signing autographs, autographing books and taking selfies with everyone who came to the book fair in the Argentine capital.

Some local media outlets who were lucky enough to interview her were also captivated by her talent and political vision. It is the case of miter radiowhere Edward Feinman was able to interview the popular exporter in Congress.

For just over 10 minutes, Cayetana displayed his fine analysis of the political situation which, in Argentina, he defined as “an apparently irremediable anomaly”. For Cayetana “populism is the antithesis, the nemesis of politics” and that is why it must be fought.

Her references to feminism that marks the left and that turns women into a closed group, or her analysis of Podemos and its links with Kirchnerism and with Chavismo they also came out in their conversation with Radio Mitre.

I fought against the undesirable of politics and became politically undesirable“, Cayetana said to justify the title of her book and added, “and politics in Argentina has been undesirable for a long time.” For this reason, she said she came “with a message of hope and optimism, no country is condemned to live forever in a chronic decline.

To get out of this loop, two things need to happen, Cayetana said, “that the government’s catastrophe be revealed and that there is an alternative.” This second is, said Cayetana, what deep down worries him the most. “We have to know how to organize ourselves and what ideas to defend“.

As for Kirchnerism or Podemos, Cayetana says that they are forces that have in common the attempt to end the democratic order from within “like Trojan donkeys of democracy“. “If they were marginal forces it wouldn’t be serious, but they are at the heart of the institutions.”

We can, Kirchner and Putin

In this sense, Cayetana pointed out that “the world of Podemos adores Kirchner, they have Chavismo in common and they have ties and a common plan and objective that is to attack the liberal world and there they join Putin and these horrible people. Putin is a genocide, a murderer and a war criminal.”

Finally, regarding Argentina, she said she now sees a turning point for the worse: “In recent years, some of my friends who had decided to stay despite the country’s problems have already made the decision to leave and that is an unequivocal sign that things are not as bad as usual, but worse“.

With Patricia Bullrich

On Friday, Cayetana Alvarez from Toledo participated in a breakfast as a guest of Patricia Bullrichfrom the opposition coalition Together for Change and candidate for the presidency of the country, although it has not yet been officially launched.

before a dedicated audience Álvarez de Toledo thanked Bullrich his invitation “reference for all of us”, he said of liberal politics whom he interviewed in 2001, when Bullrich was Minister of Labor. Bullrich herself flirted with the idea of ​​signing Cayetana for her campaign in Argentina. Although Cayetana was clear: “I am in Spain. I am doing politics in Spain. But I am very flattered.”


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