Catalá: “If Puig has nothing to hide, let him activate the investigation commission in Les Corts”

VALENCIA, Dec. 29 (.) –

The spokesperson for the PP in Les Corts and general secretary of the PPCV, María José Catalá, stated this Thursday that if the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, “has nothing to hide, he should already activate the investigation commission on the case Weir”.

Catalá has urged Compromís and Unides Podem “to abandon their silence on this issue and stop being Puig’s sidekick and accomplices in blocking the commission’s implementation, after the serious information that we are hearing these days”, as reported by the PP in a statement.

For Catalá, Puig “with his refusal to establish this commission is violating and failing to comply with a mandate from Les Corts that has already fully approved the constitution” and has accused the government partners of the Socialists of becoming “accomplices” for “wanting to cover up the alleged irregular financing of the PSPV and that continues to the present day, according to what we are learning”.

“Puig cannot continue putting himself in profile. It is a very serious case according to what we know from the reports of the Prosecutor’s Office and the UCO and that it points to the electoral campaigns that also affect the current Consell”, he added.

Catalá has affirmed that “there is no longer any doubt that the electoral list in which Puig was presumably financed in B thanks to the fact that the PSOE was in the Government of Spain.” “Puig’s excuses saying that they are things of the past are no longer worth it because it is becoming very clear from the statements of former workers that we are learning that this ‘modus operandi’ of the PSPV has survived to this day with Puig as head of the Consell and as secretary general of the PSPV”, he maintained.

The PP trustee has stressed that her formation will continue to insist “that the investigation commission be carried out in Les Corts and asking Puig to give explanations and assume political responsibilities” because “what has been happening all these years is very serious years, while Puig deceived us all by being clueless. He is the head of the Consell and the PSPV and has to assume the consequences of this embarrassing case”.

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