Castillo’s plan to turn Peru into a narco-state: buy all the coca

The President of Peru, peter castleand his Marxist government of Free Peru they are close to turning Peru into a narco-state. The person largely responsible for this operation is the deputy William Bermejowhich has been taking advantage of the “culture” and “traditions” of the coca growers for months to dismantle all the laws against illegal drug crops one by one.

The reason for such an endeavor is simple. Peru is the second country in the world with the largest capacity to produce coca, only behind Colombia. From these 61,000 hectares of crops, some 650 tons of drugs, but only 10% end up intervened by the Anti-Drug Directorate of Peru (Dirandro). The rest of the coca ends up in Europe, specifically in the hands of groups such as the Italian Ndrangheta mafia, the Camorra or the Balkan cartel, among others.

Bermejo has very close ties with cocalero organizations throughout the country, but especially with those of the VRAEM, an area plagued by drug terrorism. Bermejo himself was in charge of presenting the then-candidate Pedro Castillo to the main cocalero leaders. Since then, the coca leaf has become a pillar of the “national agenda”.

Thus, with Castillo already in office, operations to eradicate illegal coca crops were quickly suspended and several military and police bases in the VRAEM were closed. The descent of controls caused a direct increase in illegal crops, which Congressman Bermejo is responsible for legalizing through his coca leaf law.

Legal coca growers must be registered in a census and are required to sell all their production to the Empresa Nacional de la Coca (ENACO), the state company that holds the coca leaf monopoly. The problem is that drug traffickers pay better for merchandise, so the 95% of farmers (400,000 families) prefers to remain illegal.

Buy all the coca with public money

The solution that the Castillo government has shed light on to resolve this setback is buy the whole crop (legal and illegal) of coca leaves and create a new register of producers as part of a new “anti-narcotics policy”. In addition, the plan includes the complete demilitarization of the VRAEM, where the terrorist group still operates. luminous path.

“It is essential, at least for a year, to buy the coca leaf from the current registered producers and from those defined by the new register to be built,” said the chief of staff, Aníbal Torres. And he added that the government of Peru promotes a “citizen social pact” with the coca growers to guarantee an adequate anti-drug policy by 2030.

Numerous voices warn that the consequences of Castillo’s plan could be catastrophic. General Astudillo, previously an authority in the area, has warned that “not only narco-terrorism is going to expand colossallybut later it will be very long and laborious to control the VRAEM again,” he said in statements collected by Peru21.

The local media also highlight that the public coca company ENACO does not have the resources to buy all the production, much less to compete with the pockets of drug traffickers. However, traffickers will benefit from the disappearance of any kind of surveillance with the blessing of a complicit government.


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