Castillo urges the Peruvian Justice to investigate the alleged corruption of his Government

The president defends not having come to the government to “repeat the old practices of the past”

MADRID, Dec. 3 (.) –

The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, has urged the country’s judicial authorities on Thursday to investigate the alleged acts of corruption carried out by his Government after uncovering a series of meetings with ministers and businessmen at his home.

Thus, the president has pointed out the urgency for the Justice to initiate the pertinent investigations to detach this supposed corruption from his management as quickly as possible, the RPP station collects.

“It is necessary and urgent to ask the authorities from here to carry out an investigation where supposedly they say that there are acts of corruption, that they do it as soon as possible. We are going to make it transparent and from here I insist on the Cabinet, the ministers so that they also have the same “, said the president.

Along these lines, Castillo has highlighted his frontal position in the face of corruption and has asserted that any member of the Executive who is plagued by this type of misconduct will be removed from his functions so that he can answer before the Justice.

“If you find any official or any authority in this Government, who has participated or is a participant in irregular acts, together with you we are going to be firm and nip and be separated immediately, and who has to answer to the Justice,” he said. .

On the other hand, Castillo has defended not having come to the Government of Peru to “repeat the old practices of the past” or to make “arrangements under the table.” “We are not here to satisfy personal appetites or particular interests, we are here to serve the people,” he said.


The Comptroller’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office of Peru opened a series of investigations into President Castillo regarding the alleged meetings he has held outside the Government Palace with businessmen and officials.

On the part of the General Comptroller’s Office, it assured that it would verify the contracts or awards made to a company “linked to alleged negotiations of interests”, at the same time that it warned about the “duty of transparency of the public function”, even more so when the regulatory framework of Peru details that “every authority, official and public servant must record and publish details of their meetings and efforts when they are held in the exercise of their function.”

“Failure to comply with these obligations affects integrity, credibility, institutionality and is liable to responsibilities by the competent sanctioning bodies,” the Comptroller also pointed out.

The Attorney General also launched a request for information about the meetings that Castillo, and other senior officials, had held with businessmen at Breña’s home.

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