Castillo refuses to answer if Cuba is a dictatorship: “Let the Cubans say so”


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Interview by Fernando del Rincón with Pedro Castillo on CNN in Spanish. | TV picture

Since Monday night, much of the Peruvian media and public opinion have focused on the interview he gave peter castle to the journalist Fernando del Rincon for the chain Cnn in Spanish. This is just the third direct meeting he has had with the press since his term began six months ago, all of them in the last few days.

In this interview that was broadcast in two parts, the second on Tuesday, Castillo responded to various issues related to the dozens of scandals he has had since he took power on July 28. While on Monday the journalist focused especially on internal affairs, on Tuesday he asked about his perception of certain governments in the region.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at Castillo in Peru is his inability to govern and the improvisation of his decisions, which has been reflected, among other things, in the numerous changes of ministers. Asked about it, he said that “nobody put me in an induction space” and clarified that “there is a learning process. I never went through a honeymoon like other governments.” He added that “I did not go abroad. I did not go to the United States because I did not lend myself to that. I am here for the country, for the people.”

Already this Tuesday, and asked if Cuba was a dictatorship, Castillo did not want to answer and after several seconds of doubt, said that “I think of Cuba as a brother country. We will have to ask the Cubans, I would not want any other country or another person interferes in the lives of Peruvians”.

In the same way, he also did not want to talk about Venezuela, nor say if he recognized Nicholas Maduro or Juan Guaido as presidents of the country. Castillo said that this was “a question that will have to be answered in the next interview,” but Del Rincón insisted: “He’s not going to leave me with that, what’s more, if he already wants to leave, answer and I’ll leave him.” Castillo repeated the same formula: “You have to ask the Venezuelans. It’s the same as if you said who they recognize as president in Peru, Keiko Fujimori or Pedro Castillo? I’m not going to get into the problems of other countries (… ) The president of Venezuela is who the Venezuelans have elected.”


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