Casado raises the tone against Calviño, calls her a tax fraudster and asks Sánchez to throw her out

The national president of the Popular Party (PP), Pablo Casado, has not stopped raising the tone against the Government of Pedro Sánchez in recent days. He was especially angry and tough last Wednesday during the control session. And today he defended that attitude, putting as the main target of his words the First Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia calviño. He has said of her that it is a “tax fraudster”, “the most incompetent minister in Spain” and the “worst economy minister” in all of Europe.

Casado has made these statements in A Coruña, in an act of the party in which the president of the Xunta de Galicia has previously intervened, Alberto Nuñez-Feijóo. The personalized election of Casado against Calviño is not accidental and occurs after the publication by The confidential, and confirmation of the popular, of an alleged private conversation between the two on Wednesday night at a public event. According to these information, the minister would have called Casado “unbalanced” and said to be “disgusted” by his attitude in Congress, in which he brought up the cases of sexual abuse to minors in Valencia or the Balearic Islands.

The leader of the PP has again today insisted that the Government is hindering and covering up these cases, even maneuvering in the European Union. “The PSOE is going to give us lessons in feminism and protection of minors and is hindering the investigations. Of course we are going to say it and I am going to reach the last consequences so that these girls receive justice,” said Casado .

“They are not going to shut us up”, he has proclaimed the maximum leader of the popular. He has criticized, in this sense, that they try to “muzzle them for the sake of I don’t know what moderation or what lack of confrontation.” According to his point of view, what the PP does is “speak clearly” and “tell the truth to the Spanish.”

Regarding Calviño, he has asked the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, that “throw it away because it has created a instrumental society to buy a 300-square-meter mansion and defraud taxes. “Casado refers to some information published in 2018, although it has not transpired that the minister has any conviction.” She is a tax fraudster, all of Spain knows it, “he said.

On economic situationIn line with his catastrophic strategy of recent months, he has affirmed that “there is no robust economy” and what there is “is an unmitigated disaster.” “Do not be fooled,” he added in this regard.

The Galician leader asks for “calm”

Before Casado’s speech, Feijóo Feijóo also charged hard against what he considers “the worst government in the history of Spain.” But, curiously, he has urged Casado to take Galician politics as an example to take away “responsibility, serenity and calm“to the state scene.

Feijóo has put as an example to Galicia for having “a united government” in front of a central Executive “divided and suspicious of each other”, besides that it is “in full electoral campaign, with one part of the Government trying to wear down the other part.” The baron of the popular has usually been characterized by a moderate tone in a region where he has ruled with a loose majority for years.


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