Carlo Ancelotti: “No one thought we would play another final this year and here we are”


The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, was “very happy” for the pass to a new Champions League final, something that “nobody thought” would happen this season and for which he gave his players a lot of credit for not giving up despite going 0-1 down, to the support of the public and to have “also a bit of luck”.

“I think that explaining it is not so simple. When everyone thought that the game was over, a small detail was enough, a good combination and Rodrygo’s goal. also have a bit of luck”, commented Ancelotti at a press conference.

The Italian saw a “very competitive match against a very strong rival” and in which his team “has not lowered its arms”. “After his goal it was more complicated, but we have had sacrifice, energy and the changes have helped me a lot, those who have played have given everything”, he added.

“No one ever lowers their arms, but here is something special. I want to thank the players, who have done very well because the atmosphere is there, but you also have to put in quality. Rodrygo has come out and has scored two goals, Vallejo has played five minutes and has won all the aerial balls, Ceballos and Asensio have sacrificed themselves… Nobody thought at the beginning of the year that Real Madrid would play another Champions League final and we are there”, stressed the man from Reggiolo.

In any case, he did not hide that in this European Cup “something strange has happened” in their qualifiers, where they have had “fantastic nights”. “We have played against very strong teams, which at the beginning of the season were candidates to win the Champions League and now we have another one. Much of the credit goes to the players and to a crowd that pushes, pushes and pushes, not just inside or outside the field, but in the previous days. And there is the weight of the shirt, the history of the club, the pride that we all have to be part of it”, he affirmed.

“In extra time the most important thing was the psychological aspect because when you are able to equalize in the last minute it is evident that City had a psychological downturn because the final was slipping away from them. With the 2-1 we have looked for more energy and then in extra time we just had to control and defend well to avoid problems”, he said about the management of extra time.

On the changes of Kroos, Modric and Casemiro, he pointed out that “for 70 minutes they played a great game and did a fantastic job of pressing.” “I knew that it could cost them a bit in the end, but only to put more energy into it. The future is assured because these three are going to continue and there are young people of great quality behind them,” said the Italian.

Finally, Ancelotti was “very happy to play another final” of the Champions League and “against a great team”. “Liverpool is part of my history because I found it in the final of ’84 (when I was at Roma), in 2005 and in 2007. I’ve lived there for two years and for me it’s like a derby because I’m still Everton fan,” said the Madrid coach.

“Klopp is a great coach, we have met many times and I have the utmost respect for him and his teams. I think it will be a fantastic final, with two teams with different characteristics and that it will be very even”, he assured.

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