Cape America – United States: green light for the controversial Willow oil drilling project in Alaska

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US President Joe Biden has approved a new oil and gas megaproject in Alaska. It has a name worthy of a spy movie: Willow Project. The objective is to produce 576 million barrels over 30 years. For ecologists, this project risks having irreversible consequences on the climate and the environment. Six associations have filed a complaint against the Department of the Interior, in charge of federal lands in the United States, as well as several government agencies.

SVB, or three letters that thrilled the American economy. Joe Biden has had to make efforts in recent days to reassure the financial markets. Customers of the Sillicon Valley Bank, which had fallen into bankruptcy, rushed to their branches on Monday, March 13 to withdraw their cash. This bank, which was one of the most popular in the tech sector, disappeared from the financial landscape in just 48 hours. The American authorities refused to come to his aid, intervening only to preserve savers.

The approximately 20 million inhabitants of Mexico City suffer the effects of fine particle pollution every day, with the limit thresholds being exceeded 175 days a year. Faced with this, the local government is trying to promote the production of biodiesel, intended in particular for public transport buses. He also chose to use a renewable source of energy that is not lacking in the capital of Mexico: the sun. In this city which has 3,000 hours of annual sunshine, the wholesale market is notably being equipped with solar panels. The report by Quentin Duval and Laurence Cuvillier.

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