Campaign Outtakes (8): From “deliver us from evil!” from Ayuso to the “calculated differences” of Abascal

The phraseology of this electoral campaign would give for a doctoral thesis. This Saturday, for example, we learned the concept of “calculated differences”, the work of Santiago Abascalconvinced that Emiliano García-Page is faking his disagreements with Pedro Sánchez, when according to the Vox leader he is “an accomplice” of his policies.

“He lives by pretending that he is not like the other,” criticizes Abascal. The president of Castilla-La Mancha would be, in his questionable opinion, an accomplice of “the surrender to Morocco”, of “the ruin of the countryside” or, beware, “the release of rapists and pedophiles”, atrocities to which the ultras because they understand that flat and false messages continue to work for them.

A strategy that he also resorts to Isabel Diaz Ayuso, to whom Patxi López addressed this Saturday with an apparently controversial phrase (“ETA is alive”) that, put in context, takes on another meaning. The PSOE spokesman in Congress has asked the Madrid president if she has gone to Bilbao to say that “ETA is alive” and to “contempt the sacrifice” of those who resisted until “they ended terrorism and won freedom.”

Ayuso, a factory of phrases to remember but, above all, to forget, began the campaign strongly with his request to Alberto Núñez Feijóo: “President, deliver us from evil!”, that is, evict Pedro Sanchez from Moncloa. The president of the Community of Madrid has it taken with the socialist leader, whom she takes for her rival to beat (to the parrot, Feijóo …).

A recurring fixation, similar to the obsession with EH Bildu (again, the simple and simplified message), which is why he has stated that “they are not the heirs of ETA, it is ETA”. An attitude that has caused some friction with her own party (a calculated friction, as Abascal would say), although she always has the reply ready: “It is not a blow to the PP, much less my president. It is a blow to Bildu”.

Although she would deserve an article all to herself, we cannot forget the environmentalist recipe that Ayuso spread during the electoral debate on Telemadrid: “Bring nature to the patios and rooftops, to bring nature and health to all the neighbors, to the families. And let’s go to do it this way: every balcony in Madrid has a plant”.

In a humorous way, it cannot be missing miquel iceta: “We have a helluva government, let’s say it clearly. Let’s take off the belt”, commented the Minister of Culture. Andoni Ortuzar, president of the PNV, considers his party “the best paella pan for the best paella”, whose ingredients are “good ideas, good people and the fire of commitment to a people”. Ximo Puig, from Valencia, has not yet ruled on the matter.

Sánchez, who after the face to face with Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the Senate he commented that “the decibels are going to rise a lot in the next few days”, he did not err in the forecast. The electoral campaign of 28M has also been angry, although the pearl of the day Mariano Rajoy it made us smile: “I’m in great shape, I have a great political future ahead of me”.

In summary, Feijóo told Sánchez that “what is indecent is that the PSOE agree and govern with EH Bildu“, whose electoral lists included those convicted of the terrorist group. The Prime Minister replied: “Every time the right wing gives up the elections, it talks about ETA”. Feijóo: “You are more generous with the executioners than with the victims”. Sánchez: “When in Spain ETA is nothing, for you it is everything”. And so…

Although Feijóo also had to swallow several spoonfuls of his own medicine. “The PP applied a shitty 155,” said Santiago Abascal. “Feijóo is going to end up asking for the vote for the PSOE, you laugh, but at the same time,” Pedro Sánchez ironized. “Beware of the Popular Party, which may end up proposing to make themselves illegal,” raised the tone Irene Monterowhile Íñigo Errejón warned him: “Watch out for your stage partners, they killed Casado and now they are going after you.”

Then, if someone raises a positive campaign, like the socialist leader, he finds a fierce response to his proposals. “Pedro milanuncios Sánchez has turned the campaign into a raffle”, commented Elias Bendodowhose dart motivated a reply from the President of the Government: “I do not announce things, I do.”

In the chapter of platitudes, Feijóo, like Mariano Rajoy, said: “Spain is tired of being tired of the Government.” oriol junqueras he proclaimed: “Bildu has led the peace process, we should celebrate it.” AND Arnaldo Otegi He went further and ruled that his party will take “more or less”, but will end up “governing Euskal Herria”. There are more phrases, but let’s wait for him to run the campaign to increase the collection.

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