Camacho to Torrico: “It is not true that the leadership of Santa Cruz depends on the subsidy”

The Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, responded through his Twitter account to the Vice Minister of Government Management, Gustavo Torrico, and defended the Santa Cruz model of development and pointed out that it is not true that the Santa Cruz leadership depends on subsidies.

“The productive model from Santa Cruz has been consolidated in decades. It is not true that the expansion and economic leadership of Santa Cruz depends on the fuel subsidy,” Camacho wrote on the social network.

Camacho also noted that while all departments benefit from state subsidies (fuel, food, seeds), only Santa Cruz has experienced an economic takeoff.

“The 9 departments receive that subsidy and not all of them took off,” he added.

In days gone by, Torrico pointed out that the Santa Cruz model would not survive the federalism that its leaders propose, since that economic paradigm is only sustained by the subsidies it receives from the State.

“Santa Cruz does not survive a federal state, Santa Cruz today survives – the model – under a fuel subsidy, under an agribusiness subsidy, under a seed subsidy, under a subsidy (to) machinery,” Torrico said.

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