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According to the independent candidate for the primaries, Andrés Caleca, we should not rush to respond to the CNE’s decision to support the opposition election

The independent candidate for the opposition primaries, Andrés Caleca, said that there is no need to rush in responding to the decision of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to support these elections, scheduled for October 22.

He indicated that he will wait for the result of the meeting between the new president of the CNE, Elvis Amoroso, and the president of the National Primary Commission (CP), Jesús María Casal, to establish a position. In that sense, Caleca stated that we should not abandon the electoral route.

“We have to see what bag of stones Elvis Amoroso goes with to his meeting with Casal, what we are clear about is that without CNE or with CNE we will make the choice of our candidate,” reads a press release released by the team of Andrés Caleca press.

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This weekend the National Primary Commission is expected to discuss the CNE offer with the candidates and their representatives. On Monday, September 25, a meeting will be held between the electoral power board and Jesús María Casal to review the scope of this technical support.

Caleca will support whoever wins

During his visit to Cumaná, he reiterated that the policy he leads has two tracks: one the formation of the Grand National Coalition for Change, and the second the vote.

“Anything that attacks either of these two lines of the opposition will not have our support, and everything that contributes to that will have our support, regardless of who the candidate is,” he said.

Caleca insisted that he will support the candidate who wins the primary, regardless of whether he is disqualified or not, and hopes to receive the support of the other candidates if he wins on October 22.

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